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DIY Hanging Gutter Planter​

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Measure and Mark
Measure and mark - Hanging Gutter Planter Project

Measure and mark three 30-inch sections from the 10-foot gutter and two 10-foot sections from the rope.

Cut - Hanging Gutter Planter Project
  • Cut three 30-inch sections from the 10-foot gutter using the jig saw.
  • Cut two 10-foot sections from the rope using heavy-duty scissors or a box cutter.
Go to Cut Diagram
Cut diagram

 See Cut Diagram for reference.

Paint or Stain
Paint or stain - Hanging Gutter Planter Project
  • If changing the color of the gutters, use an exterior spray paint that will adhere to plastic if the planter will be outside.
  • Paint all gutter pieces and allow to fully dry prior to assembly.
Measure Gutter Holes
Measure gutter holes - Hanging Gutter Planter Project
  • Turn all gutters upside down.
  • Measure and mark 3-inches in from the short side and ½-inch in from the long side on all four corners of all three gutter sections.
  • Turn all gutters right side up.
  • You should now have two marks on each side of all three gutter sections.
Drilled Hole Placement
Drilled hole diagram

See the diagram for reference.

Drill All Holes
Drill all holes - Hanging Gutter Planter Project
  • Using a 3/8-inch drill bit, drill holes where the marks were made.
  • There should be four holes in the bottom and two holes on both of the top, outer sides of all three gutter sections.

Tip: Depending on the type of plants used, you may need to drill several very small drainage holes on the bottom of the gutter section to allow drainage. 

Thread Rope and Tie Knots
Thread rope and tie knots - Hanging Gutter Planter Project
  • Tie a knot at one end of the 10-foot rope.
  • Thread the unknotted end of the rope through one of the holes in the bottom of the left gutter section and then out the hole in the side.
  • Repeat threading up through the bottom hole and out through the side hole on the next two left gutter sections.
  • Measure 12-inches of slack and tie a knot between the second and third sections.
  • Once all three gutter sections have been threaded, loop the rope and thread it back down the inside hole of the left gutter.
  • Once the rope has been threaded down through the last remaining bottom hole of the third gutter section, be sure to make a final knot and cut any excess rope.
  •  Repeat these steps for the right side of the gutter with the other 10-foot rope.

Tip: Wrapping the end of the rope with tape makes threading easier. 


Thread Rope
Thread rope diagram

See the diagram for reference.

Place End Caps
Place cap ends - Hanging Gutter Planter Project

Place all end caps on both ends of the three gutter sections.

Loop Hook and Hang
Loop hook hang - Hanging Gutter Planter Project
  • Secure plant hooks into a beam or support where you intend to hang your garden.
  • Loop the two S-hooks on each side of the top ropes and hook the S-hooks to the installed plant hooks.
  • Once hanging, loosen and adjust the knots beneath each gutter section until they hang level.