Project Guide

DIY Upcycled Lamp

Choose a Container
A girl holding an empty container in a storage space.
  • Use a 3-liter or one-gallon recyclable plastic container in your home. 
  • This can be a water jug or a soda bottle. 
  • The container should have a bottleneck in order to keep the lampshade on the light bulb. 
  • The container must be either translucent or transparent so that light will shine through.
A boy pouring liquid out of a juice container.
  • Clean and dry the container.
Remove Labels
A hand removing a label from an empty container.
  • Peel off all stickers that may be on the bottle
Trim the Container
Two hands cutting into an empty container.
  • Hold the container upside down. Using the hobby knife, carefully cut off the bottom of the container using the knife. Remove the cut circle from the container.
  • Place the container right side up.
  • Plug in your hot glue gun. Place a stick of hot glue in the gun and allow it to warm up for about 5 minutes.
  • Cut a hole at the top of the container that is big enough for the plug to go through.
Cut the Spoons
Plastic spoons cut in half against a brown piece of paper.
  • To prepare the spoons, use the pliers to cut the handles off of the plastic spoons. 
  • Make sure to leave about ¼” of the handle on each spoon. 
Glue the Spoons
A girl applying hot glue to a plastic spoon.
  • Apply a small amount of hot glue to the small bit of handle left on the spoon. 
  • Place the spoon, pointy end facing down, at the bottom of the container. Hold the spoon to the container for a few seconds while the glue cools. 
  • Be creative and make any pattern you like with the spoons.
  • Cover the entire container
  • Let your container sit for approximately 30-minutes in order to cool and dry. 
  • While your container dries, screw a 60-watt bulb into the socket of your hanging light cord. 
Thread the Cord
A power cord being threaded through a DIY lamp.
  • When your container is dry, thread your hanging light cord through the bottleneck so that the light socket rests inside the pendant and the plug comes through the top. 
  • Pull the cord until the socket rests up against the bottleneck of the container. 
  • Plug it in and test your lamp!

Jaime is a DIY girl and mom to three. She lives with her husband in Westchester County, NY — in the oldest house in the town. When she’s not busy with her kids, she likes to build, paint and sew.