Project Guide

How to Build an Outdoor Privacy Wall

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Dig Post Holes
A post hole digger digging into the ground
  • Dig five holes for the posts 4 feet apart in a straight line. 
  • Each hole should be 12 inches deep with a 10-inch diameter. 
  • The entire length should be 16 feet.
Pour the Concrete
Someone pouring concrete into a hole in the ground
  • Pour the concrete to the depth specified in the manufacturer's instructions in each hole. 
  • The instructions on our fast-set concrete bag called for one gallon of water for each hole. 
  • Place the post brackets on top of the wet concrete and let dry for 24 hours.
Attach the Posts
Someone attaching posts to a hole in the ground
  • Attach the 4- x 4-inch post to each bracket. 
  • This will create your 8- x 16-foot stud wall.
Attach the Horizontal Studs
Someone using a nailer to attach studs to a wooden post
  • Cut the 2- x 4-inch x 12-foot boards into sixteen 2- x 4-inch x 4-foot pieces.
  • Attach the 2- x 4-inch x 4-foot boards at 2-foot increments on your stud wall using the nail gun. This will add stability while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of the design.
Glue the Boards to the Stud Wall
Someone gluing boards together

Using exterior wood glue, attach the smooth ¾- x 4-inch x 8-foot cedar boards where they meet the stud wall.

Nail the Boards to the Stud Wall
Someone nailing boards to the studs in a wooden post
  • Reinforce each smooth cedar board with 1- x 4-inch galvanized finish nails. 
  • Completely cover the stud wall with the cedar boards.
Design the Focal Points
A person's hands drawing marks on a piece of paper
  • After completing the two-dimensional wall, you can add three-dimensional elements to it, making your privacy wall stand out.
  • Make a diagram like the plan shown above. 
  • The shaded pieces in the plan are additional pieces of cedar cut at various lengths that are attached to the flat wall. This creates eye-catching texture. 
  • You can light the wall from below for dramatic shadows.
Cut the Additional Boards
A circular saw cutting into a piece of lumber

Cut the cedar boards for your design.

Attach the Boards
A person attaching wooden boards with a nail gun

Attach the various cut boards to the wall using the same nailing pattern and wood glue for strength.

Stain Your Wall
A person applying stain to a privacy wall

Stain the wall the color of your choice.