Project Guide

How to Make a Christmas Swag Wreath

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Gather Natural Materials
Leaves, pinecones and floral scissors on a piece of white canvas.
  • Collect your natural materials. 
  • Gather your Douglas fir, Alberta spruce, cypress, pine and pinecones. 
  • Using your pruners, trim off the branches on the bottom.
Dunk the Foam Block
A person dunking a foam block into a bowl of water.
  • In a bowl, place water and then the foam block. 
  • Dunk it a few times to get it wet. 
  • This will help keep your Christmas swag moist through the holidays.
Bend a Coat Hanger
A person bending a coat hanger into a new shape.
  • To create the hanger, take your coat hanger and, starting at the bottom middle, bend it upward. 
  • This will become the hanger for your swag.
Secure the Hanger
A person securing a hanger to a foam block.
  • Attach the hanger to the foam block. 
  • Now attach two pipe cleaners end to end, wrap them around the back of the floral block and attach the coat hanger to the foam. 
  • The hanger will lay flat against the back of the block with the hook facing sideways for hanging. 
  • Repeat in several places so hanger is secure. 
  • Next, attach paper clips.
  • Bend four paper clips into a U-shape and then stick them into the foam block to further secure the hanger to the block.
Design and Embellish the Swag
Someone arranging a Christmas wreath.
  • Design your swag. Insert branches inside the foam block and begin making the design. Fill it out top to bottom. 
  • Continue adding layers until the block is covered. Fill any holes.
  • When done, attach the ribbon and embellishments. 
  • Using floral scissors, cut several 6-inch pieces to secure pinecones, ornaments and ribbon to the swag Christmas wreath.
Hang the Swag
Someone arranging a Christmas wreath.

Hang the swag. Using a wreath hanger, put your swag on a door or hang it just about anywhere.

A Christmas wreath hanging on a front door.

Enjoy the fragrance of the fresh-cut greenery all season long. Keep your wreath fresh by spraying it with water every few days.

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