Project Guide

How to Make a Tassel for Christmas Decorating

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Cut the Twine
A person cutting a length of jute twine.

From a ball of twine, cut four 18-inch pieces of jute. Set these aside for later steps. 

Wrap Twine Around Cardboard
A person wrapping twine around a large piece of cardboard.
  • Wrap the remaining jute twine around a cardboard box piece that’s 3 feet in length.  
  • Tape down the beginning of the twine at the end of the cardboard piece.  
  • To help the process go quicker, put the ball of twine in a bowl beneath your workspace as you wrap the twine around the cardboard. 
  • When one ball of twine runs out, repeat the process with the second ball of twine. 
Make the Tassel
A person cutting twine that is wrapped around a large piece of cardboard.
  • Once the twine is wrapped completely around the cardboard piece, cut the twine off at both ends with scissors.  
  • Don’t forget to remove the pieces of tape holding down the twine to the cardboard piece. 
  • Fold your jute twine in half.  
  • While holding up both ends, wrap a separate 18-inch piece of twine around the middle of the collected twine. Wrap it around two to three times and tie it tightly. 
  • Under all the string at the top that you just tied, slip another piece of 18-inch twine underneath for hanging. 
  • On the bottom, even out the twine for your tassel with scissors. 
Make the Plastic Ball
A person using plastic wrap to form a ball.
  • Take the plastic stretch wrap and make a ball with it.  
  • Do not cut your formed ball away from the plastic.  
  • From there, continue wrapping the plastic around the ball. 
  • Build the ball until you create one that reaches about 4 inches in diameter. 
Wrap Plastic Ball in Burlap
A person wrapping burlap around a plastic wrap ball.
  • Cut two 1-foot square pieces of craft burlap and wrap them around the plastic ball. 
  • Use an 18-inch long piece of jute twine to tightly secure the burlap and trim the burlap as needed. 
Make a Nest for the Plastic Ball
A person shaping a bundle of jute twine.
  • At the top of the jute twine tassel, make an opening like a nest.  
  • Insert the plastic stretch wrap ball wrapped in burlap inside the opening. 
  • Work the strands of tassel twine over the entire ball, covering it completely.  
  • Wrap a new 18-inch long piece of twine a few times around the base of the ball and tie it securely. Don’t worry about how the knot looks because you’ll cover it with pretty ribbon in the next step. 
Wrap Tassel with Ribbon
A person gluing ribbon around the tassel with a hot glue gun.
  • Cut a piece of holiday ribbon that’s 7 inches long.  
  • Wrap the cut ribbon piece around the base of the ball, over the piece of twine you tied around it.  
  • Using your glue gun, dab on a piece of glue to secure the ribbon.  
  • Use a small clamp or clothespin to hold the ribbon in place until the glue has dried. 
  • When it dries, cut off the remaining excess ribbon. 

Tip: For extra holiday flare, tie a small ornament to the ribbon as well. 

Hang the Christmas Tassel
A twine DIY Christmas tassel hanging from a fireplace mantel.

Decorate your space with your Christmas tassel. Hang your tassel on Christmas garland, wreaths or in your window. This decorative tassel also looks beautiful hanging on the fireplace mantel. 

This Christmas tassel is a fun and trendy DIY project anyone in your family can enjoy. Hang your new tassel prominently in your home to help pull together your Christmas decorations this season. While you decorate your home, remember that The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them.