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How to Put on a Duvet Cover

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The Traditional Way to Put On a Duvet Cover
Woman is adjusting her duvet cover.

Before new methods of putting on duvet covers existed, there was the dependable traditional way of putting one on. This method works, but takes a few additional steps but produces a smooth result. Read on to learn how to use the traditional method of putting on a duvet cover. 

Turn Your Duvet Cover Inside Out
Woman turning the duvet inside out.

Once your duvet or comforter is flat on your bed, take your duvet cover and turn it inside out. 

Put On the Duvet Cover
Woman locating the corners of the duvet cover.
  • As you turn it inside out, locate the two top corners of your duvet cover. Keep your hands inside the cover and at the two corners.

  • With your hands still inside the duvet cover, reach for the top two corners of the duvet itself. Grab hold of the corners so the duvet's corners and the cover's corners align. 

  • When you've got a secure hold on the duvet with your duvet cover hands, flip the cover over the duvet. Shake it a bit so the duvet cover falls further over the comforter. 

  • After flipping the cover, begin pulling the rest of the duvet cover over the comforter. Keep pulling it down till it covers all of the duvet, and all the corners align. 
Close the Duvet Cover
Woman closes the duvet cover.

When the duvet cover falls over the duvet, matching in all the right places, either zip or button up your duvet cover. You have now successfully put on a duvet cover!

The California Roll Way to Put on a Duvet Cover
Woman begins the process of putting on her duvet.

If you think the traditional way of putting on a duvet is still too difficult, we have a new way of putting on a duvet cover that'll truly surprise you. Not only does this method work, it will seem almost like a magic trick. Read on to learn how to put on a duvet cover using the unique California Roll method. 

Turn Your Duvet Cover Inside Out
Woman is pulling her duvet in preparation for the cover.
  • Make sure your comforter is nearby, but not on your bed. Next, turn your duvet cover inside out, with the opening of the cover facing away from you.

  • Once inside out, lay your duvet cover on your bed and flatten it out, still making sure the opening is facing away from you.
How to Put On a Duvet Cover with Ties
Woman ties together the duvet and comforter for the next step.

If your duvet has ties located on the corners, this is when you tie together the comforter and cover. Now that your duvet cover is laying flat on your bed, take your comforter and lay it directly on top of the cover, making sure to flatten it out as well. Tie together the duvet cover and comforter.

Roll Together the Duvet and Duvet Cover
Woman has rolled together the comforter and duvet.
  • When the duvet is laying on the duvet cover, all corners aligned and sides matching as closely as possible, take the closed side facing you and start to roll both the cover and duvet together. Keep rolling till they're all rolled up. As you roll, make sure no sides fall out of place. Adjust as you see fit.

  • When you've successfully rolled up the duvet and duvet cover together, reach for one of the ends of the roll. This end should contain a duvet cover opening. Stuff the edge of the duvet inside this cover opening. 

  • After you've stuffed part of the duvet into one part of the duvet cover's opening, continue doing this with the remainder of the cover. Working your way down the roll, keep stuffing the comforter into the duvet cover till you get to the end of the roll.
Close the Duvet Cover
Woman is fastening together the duvet cover and comforter.

When at the end of the roll, close the duvet cover. Reposition your roll so the enclosure is at the bottom of the bed. 

Begin Unrolling the Duvet Cover
Woman is unfurling her California Roll.

With the roll in position, unfurl the California Roll. This will be a mixture of unrolling and pulling. Keep going till everything is straightened out. 

When the roll has been completely unfurled, give it a couple good shakes and you're finished! You now learned how to put on a duvet cover and know how to use a duvet cover. Your comforter will stay clean and last longer. Shop The Home Depot for bed sheets, comforters and home decor to freshen up your bedroom.