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How to Start a Fall Salad Garden

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How to Grow Salad Greens
Gardener plants lettuce seedlings

Select a site that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day.

How to sow lettuce seeds:

  • Remove weeds from existing bed.
  • Use a spading fork to mix in a balanced organic or time-release fertilizer. Follow directions for how much to use.
  • Rake soil smooth. Make three parallel planting trenches, 6 inches apart and a half inch deep. Sprinkle the three types of seeds evenly into the three trenches, one inch apart.
  • Cover seeds with 1/4-inch of soil. Pat soil firmly around the lettuce seeds only.
  • Water lightly.
  • Keep the bed weeded and watered.
  • Gradually thin plants to 4 inches apart by pulling out the smallest ones. Thinning produces healthier plants and more produce.
  • Extend your season by planting more seeds in three weeks.

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How to Grow Radishes
Radishes growing in the garden

Radishes are the perfect starter vegetable for young and newbie gardeners. 

Check seed packets for fast-growiing varieties and remember that it's better to harvest a radish early rather than late. Older radishes become bitter and pithy.

Steps for sowing radishes:

  • Remove any existing plant material and loosen the soil with a spading fork.
  • Amend the soil with two inches of compost, composted manure or fertilizer as needed.
  • Draw a garden trowel lightly along the prepared soil to create a slight indention. Sow your seeds.
  • Water thoroughly and keep soil moist, especially as new seeds germinate.
  • Thin out seedlings when they grow to one inch tall, according to seed packet instructions.
  • For a continuous garden, sow a new row of seeds every two weeks.

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