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How to Troubleshoot a Thermostat

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Remove Thermostat Cover
Remove thermostat cover - Troubleshooting Your Thermostat
  • Turn off the power to your HVAC system at the circuit breaker panel box. 
  • Remove the cover plate to your thermostat. 
  • Loosen the thermostat body mounting screws with a screwdriver.
Inspect the Thermostat Wiring
Inspect the thermostat wiring - Troubleshooting Your Thermostat
  • Inspect the wiring on the base. 
  • If there are any loose wires or wires that are cut or corroded, they should be clipped, stripped and reattached to the terminal screws. 
  • Replace the thermostat body plate. 
  • Restore power at the circuit breaker panel box.

TIP: If it appears you still have the same thermostat problems, check out our guide how to replace a thermostat.

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