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How to Unclog a Drain

Remove Debris

Remove anything you can see that’s causing the blocked drain.

Safety: Wear rubber gloves when removing clogs.

Remove Strainer and Use a Plunger
  • Remove the stopper or drain strainer using a screwdriver. 
  • Use a flashlight to look for hair clogs in the drain opening. 
  • You can clear most shower drain clogs with a plunger. 
  • Place the rubber cup of the plunger over the drain opening and run enough water into the shower stall to cover the lip of the cup. 
  • Move the plunger handle up and down rapidly to force out the clog.
Use a Manual Snake
  • Insert the snake into the drain and guide it toward the bend to clear the shower drain or snag any obstructions.  
  • Try to hook and lift the clog out.
Use a Manual Auger
  • If the shower drain is still clogged, try a manual auger. 
  • Squeeze the trigger and turn the handle clockwise to feed the snake. 
  • Insert the snake into the drain and turn the handle clockwise ten times. 
  • If necessary, hold the trigger to feed more snake into the drain to repeat the process. 
  • Continue turning until water flows freely, then pull snake out. 

Tip: Add a hair catcher insert to prevent future clogs.

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