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Front Door Ideas

Craftsman and Mid-Century Modern Front Door Ideas
A home exterior featuring a craftsman style front door

Craftsman and mid-century styles are a popular design option. They give homeowners a vintage-inspired look. Here are a few things to look for if you’re interested in a craftsman or mid-century modern front door:

  • Natural wood frame. Wood was the most popular material used for front doors during this era, with mahogany and teak being the most common choices. Distressed wood doors can add a subtle antique look to your exterior without making it look old and worn.
  • Glass inlays or paneling. Stained glass was a popular choice in the craftsman era, but clear or frosted fiberglass doors can update the look of your home. Top-half panels or multiple cutouts let you choose the option that’s right for you.
  • Iron accents. From door hardware to viewing windows and peephole covers, natural iron accents add mid-century style to your front door.

*Tip: Double front doors, also known as French doors, are a great option for larger entryways. 

Modern Front Door Front Door Ideas
A home interior featuring a modern style front door

If you prefer a more modern look, use these tips to choose contemporary front doors that match your personal design style. 

  • Look for modern front doors with architectural details and minimalist design features. Angled stained glass inlays and rows of clear glass paneling add modern style to any entry area. 
  • Choose solid doors made from sleek finished wood like teak or cherry. Solid wood doors look sophisticated and timeless.
  • Opt for a bold, bright color. Stylish options like red, turquoise and yellow make a modern statement and make your exterior pop.
Steel Front Door Ideas
A home exterior featuring a steel front door

Extremely durable, ultra-secure and energy efficient, steel doors are an excellent choice for front doors, patio doors and back doors. Available in a variety of styles, you can find steel doors to match your existing exterior or give your home a brand new look. Here are a few of the common steel door options:

  • Classic white and off-white styles. These doors work beautifully with almost any exterior and landscaping scheme. You can also find pre-primed unpainted doors so you can choose your own color or finish.
  • Dark colors like black and deep walnut. These often include minimal stained glass inserts or ironwork to add a decorative touch.
  • Natural wood styles. Perfect for traditional homes and classic designs, you can find steel doors that have the look and finish of natural wood.
  • Large glass panels and window treatments. Steel doors with glass paneling and mini-blinds are ideal for patio doors, side doors and back doors.
  • Clear or frosted glass paneling. Some steel doors include rows of glass to make your entrance feel more modern. Shop shades of white or an assortment of bright colors to match your landscaping. 
Refresh Your Existing Front Door Designs
A home exterior featuring a styled address plate

A quality front door can last for many years. If you love the look of yours, but feel you need to update your style, consider updating your existing front door:

  • Apply a coat of paint. A different stain or paint color can dramatically change the look of your front door, especially if you have a natural wood finish.
  • Change your door hardware. Replacing your old hardware can make your whole front door feel new.
  • Swap out the address numbers. Go for a more traditional style or move switch to something more modern.
  • Add lighting. Updating your exterior lighting, particularly if you have a fixture next to your front door, can boost the look of your entrance. 

Your front door can make a bold statement about the style of your home. Update your exterior and improve curb appeal with a new door in a style that complements your current design preferences. If you’re starting renovations or building from the ground up, choose a new door style that will enhance the other architectural and landscaping elements around your home. Whatever your style, updating or replacing your front door can make your home more appealing inviting for you and your guests.