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How to Trap Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Timeline:
  • April and May: Stink bugs wake from hibernation after wintering over in homes, buildings and leaf litter outdoors. Catch them now.
  • May-September: Stink bugs are actively mating, laying eggs and feeding on more than 300 species of plants. Now is the time to catch baby stink bugs before they mature into hungry adults and lay more eggs.
  • September-October: Stink bugs start looking for warm places like your home’s attic to hibernate over winter. Keep them from coming inside now.
How to Stop Stink Bugs:

It is important to start using a trap outdoors by April 1 to catch adult stink bugs as they are waking up and before they multiply. One adult female stink bug can lay up to 400 eggs a season. Trapping the adults in early spring helps you stay ahead of the life cycle and reduce damage to this year’s garden and next year’s population. Follow directions on the package.