Ideas & Inspiration

Refresh Your Table with Easter Flowers

Simple Place Setting
A place setting with a white napkin and pink tulip.

Sometimes a formal arrangement isn’t necessary to create a unique display. A napkin tied with a pink ribbon and a matching tulip is all you need to make a charming place setting. For extra texture and fun, add a few faux bird eggs and sprigs of baby’s breath to complete the look. 

A bird's nest centerpiece with colored eggs, greenery and feathers on a table.

This darling nest is a cinch to create with a shallow wood basket. Lay a base of raffia or faux grass. Tuck in dainty blooms such as mini daffodils, crocus or hellebores. Finish it off with dyed Easter eggs and fluffs of faux feathers. 

Egg Vase
A hallowed out white egg with sprigs of heather in it on a table.

Hallowed out eggs make a perfectly festive mini vase. Use small sprigs of flowers inside the eggs and display the eggs on a mini wreath. They are the perfect size to use for place setting decor.

Grapevine Accents
Yellow daffodil arrangements in grapevine vase and basket on a table.

Craft stores carry grapevine accessories that can add an interesting texture to an Easter arrangement. Grapevine is used to make wreath forms, little baskets, vase coverings and more. They are easy to work with and make an attractive vessel to hold a multitude of spring blooms such as daffodils and crocus. 

Potted Bulbs
Potted yellow daffodils on a table.

Potted bulbs are a no-fuss way to create a display with very little effort. Place the potted bulbs into an attractive pot or wrap the nursery pots with fabric. Use moss or faux grass to cover the soil at the base of the bulbs and display. Once the party is over, you can plant the bulbs in your garden.

Bloom En Masse
Several containers of spring bulb flowers on a table.

Displaying spring bloom en masse is a simple way to create a strong visual impact with little effort. Tall spring blooms such as muscari, tulips, ranunculus and snapdragons look elegant in urns, pitchers and stone and glass vases. 

Grocery Store Flower Upgrade
A crate of flowers with faux eggs and a chick.

Basic grocery store flowers can look even better with a little bit of creativity. A wooden crate serves as a base for this Easter themed arrangement. Green button chrysanthemum, purple iris, heather and stock are tucked among balls of white twine, faux bird eggs and a darling baby chick. 

Dogwood Branches
Blooming dogwood branched in a pink glass vase.

Dogwood blooms make an incredible statement piece. This no-fuss arrangement only requires a few blooming branches and a glass vase. Vary the length of the branches to create a stunning natural architectural element in your home. 

Forsythia Branches
Yellow forsythia bloom in a white vase.

Another harbinger of spring is forsythia. Their cheery yellow blooms offer a bright pop of color in a landscape when most of the other trees and shrubs are still dormant. These branches look particularly attractive with displayed in simple white vases. 

Creating a unique spring arrangement can be fun and exciting with materials from your own garden or with seasonl florals from the store. The Home Depot is your DIY headquarters. Looking for a product to complete your project? We have options to deliver online orders when and where you need them.