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Shoe Storage Ideas

Use Storage Furniture
A cabinet with organized shoe storage

Storage furniture designed specifically for shoes can make putting your favorite pair of kicks away a breeze. Quality storage furniture items like cabinets also protect your shoes from dust and damage. Review these different options when deciding how to store shoes in your closet:


  • Shoe cabinets. Shoe cabinets offer shelves or individual compartments that hold your footwear. Available in a variety of sizes and style, it’s easy to find one that fits your shoe collection and decor. Look for shoe cabinets with doors that provide dust protection. Cabinets with doors can also be used to organize items like dress socks.
  • Stackable storage. Choose the perfect size and get the right amount of storage with stackable units. Use a single one for an extra-small closet, or pair multiples together in larger spaces.
  • Shoe storage benches. If you have an oversized closet or open floor space at the foot of your bed, shoe storage benches are a great option. They’ll also add style to your room.
  • Multi-purpose cabinets and storage cubes. Made from materials like metal, wood and laminate, multi-purpose storage cabinets and cubes can help you store a range of items from shoes to folded t-shirts. Look for a variety of widths and heights to match your closet.
Add a Shoe Rack
A shoe rack with organized shoe storage

A shoe rack can be a great addition to an already functional closet. They’re also the most popular in-closet shoe storage solution available. Here are some shoe rack ideas:

  • Multi-tier shoe racks. Low racks that rest on the floor come in a variety of widths, making it easy for you to organize your shoes by style, color or frequency of wear.
  • Large shoe racks. Ideal for storing dozens of pairs of shoes, three and four-tier racks can help you store shoes vertically. Keep your go-to picks on top for easy access.
  • Rolling shoe racks. Store your shoes anywhere and reconfigure your closet easily with a rolling shoe rack. You can find two-tier and oversized rolling racks if you’re a shoe lover with an extra-large closet.
  • Tree-style organizers. Designed to keep shoes tidy while adding vertical storage to small closets, most tree-style organizers easily rotate so you can find the perfect pair for any occasion. Look for a tree-style organizer that leaves a few open spots for new shoes you’ll buy down the road.
Hanging Shoe Storage
A closet with a hanging shoe rack filled with shoes
  • Over the door shoe racks are designed to hang right over your closet door. 
  • These racks offer a number of shoe trees to help you hang shoes where they’re easy to reach.
  • You can also find over-the-door shoe storage containers with plastic or vinyl pouches and compartments. These protect your shoes from dust and dirt while keeping them off the floor. 
  • Clear compartments make it easy to find where each pair is stored.
Under the Bed
A woman pushing an organizer filled with shoes under the bed

Storing shoes under your bed is another solution. This works best with seasonal footwear like sandals or rain boots. 

  • Use long and shallow plastic bins to store shoes neatly under your bed. Stuff the toes with paper or use individual shoe trees. 
  • Store your shoes in their original box. You can find similarly sized cardboard shoe boxes to make under-bed storage easy if your originals have gone missing.
  • Storage benches that sit at the foot of your bed can do double duty as furniture and extra spot for your favorite shoes.