Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

Learn how to choose the best artificial Christmas tree for you and your family

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Whether you’re looking to eliminate the maintenance and cleanup of live trees or just have exactly what you want year after year, artificial Christmas trees are an excellent alternative to purchasing a live tree. Choose a high-quality artificial tree for a more lifelike look that will last year after year.

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Types of Trees


Bushy & full in appearance
Great choice for a sparsely decorated tree
Mimics popular live trees in the South & West


Classic needle construction
Lots of room for all your favorite ornaments
Mimics popular live trees in the South


More traditional shape & style
Perfect for lots of ornaments
Mimics popular Midwest & East Coast live trees


Branches are treated for a snow dusted look
Creates a winter wonderland indoors
Available in pre-lit or unlit


Retro/vintage appeal
Brings a pop of color to the holidays
An old-school color wheel adds to the fun

Buying an Artificial Tree: Easy As 1, 2, 3


The average ceiling height of a home is between 8 and 9 feet, but those with ceilings that are over 10 feet, are cathedral or vaulted will have more room for a bit of dramatic effect for their tree.

6’ to 6’5” tree – safe for the average home

7’ to 7’5” tree – the most popular height-wise

9’ to 13’  tree – perfect for a great room or a two-story foyer

TIP #1: Allow for 6” to 12” between the top of the tree and your ceiling.



While you want to make sure you’ve got enough height to add your tree topper, make sure you measure the width of your room for the best fit, as well.

FULL – Most full trees are 7’ to 7’5” tall and 56” to 64” wide

MEDIUM – Most tall trees come in a medium width

SLIM – Includes pencil trees; great for small spaces

TIP #2: Measure the diameter of the tree at its widest point for the base width.



There are generally two types of artificial Christmas trees: PE and PVC.

PE – made out of 3-D molded polyethylene; the most realistic looking trees; flame retardant

PVC – cut from PVC sheets; has a lifelike evergreen look; a popular & economical alternative

TIP #3: Trees with higher tip counts generally look fuller and more like a traditional tree.

TIP #4: When buying a tree online, zoom in closely to examine the detail and quality of the branches.


Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

pre-lit Christmas trees

Pre-lit Christmas trees are great for any home because they remove the need for traditional string lights. This helps avoid tangled cords near your electrical outlet and simplifies the decorating process. The best pre-lit Christmas trees are easy to plug in and turn on or off, featuring LED lights that emit a soft glow. Many include a tree stand and come with extra lights in case any bulbs stop working.