Pumpkin Decorating Tips

Get your jack-o’-lantern glowing bright with these helpful Halloween decorating tips

1-2 hours
Carved Jack-O-Lanterns

One of the most beloved Halloween traditions is turning a pumpkin into a jack-o'-lantern. Over the last few years, carving designs have become increasingly elaborate, and many people carve multiple pumpkins or incorporate pumpkins in other creative ways as part of their Halloween décor. This guide will give you tips to help you become the envy of all your neighbors this Halloween.

What You Need

Celebrate harvest
Celebrate harvest - Pumpkin Decorating Tips

Create a bountiful harvest display with full-sized or mini pumpkins arranged with other harvest vegetables such as gourds, flowering kale or cabbage and Indian corn, and flowers like pansies and mums.

Make a pumpkin planter
Make pumpkin planter - Pumpkin Decorating Tips

If you like the colorful pairing of pumpkins and fall flowers, take it one step further and use the pumpkin as a planter!

Lose the knife
Lose the knife - Pumpkin Decorating Tips

•Ditch the tools and get your jack-o'-lantern in the Halloween spirit without any slicing or dicing. Use shiny gold, white or black spray paint to make stand-out centerpieces. For an added touch, use push-pins to create any design you choose.
•Try using chalkboard paint to write your own welcome messages for trick or treaters.

Go faux
Go faux - Pumpkin Decorating Tips

If you love the look of carved pumpkins but dislike the mess that accompanies them, try a carvable foam pumpkin that’s hollow to hold your LED candle.

Use a carving kit
Use a carving kit - Pumpkin Decorating Tips

For the true Halloween carving masters, using a Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit allows you to sculpt limitless designs into your pumpkin with precision.

Get a ghostly glow
Get a ghostly glow - Pumpkin Decorating Tips

Preserve the haunting glow of your pumpkin this Halloween by lightly coating the inside of the pumpkin and any carved areas with petroleum jelly.