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Whether you are a novice, experienced or professional grower there’s a wide range of high performance energy efficient LED grow lights available for all your growing needs.   All from Feit Electric a company that’s been making energy efficient lighting for over 40 years.  Grow lights bring the sunshine indoors – so you can optimize your plant growth any time of year in any climate without using pesticides.  Even during the winter!  LED grow lights offer compelling advantages over older technologies including longer life, and energy savings because far less energy is wasted emitting heat  that can burn leaves or dry out plants.  LED lights also have targeted wave lengths to promote seeding, leaf and stem  growth or to encourage budding, flowering and fruiting.  For the novice grower, integrated LED grow light fixtures produce a lot of bang for the buck and maintenance is easy because there’s no bulbs to replace.  It’s also easy to replace older light bulbs or repurpose old fixtures with new generation low-wattage grow light LED bulbs.  For more experienced growers there are solutions built for more power, durability and higher PAR values, taking hydroponics to the next level. High-bay models can be mounted in high above to cover more square footage. The adjustable grow light can be set for blue- or red-enriched spectrum with the flip of a switch.  Vertical growing solutions are also available that can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on your grow set up.

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