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Swash 1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilet in White

  • Dual stainless steel nozzles with sterilization
  • Endless warm water with instant heater
  • Warm air dryer for added convenience
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Product Overview

Pure water is the most effective and refreshing way to clean every part of your body. The Swash 1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilet provides a cleansing, soothing, personal hygienic wash. The Swash easily and quickly replaces your existing toilet seat, and can be installed in less than one hour. The Swash also affords senior citizens and those suffering from debilitating illness, such as arthritis, a hands-free bathroom experience for independence and restored dignity. Inside the clean design and elegant styling of this bidet seat, a ceramic core instant heater offers a limitless stream of filtered, warm water for a comfortable, hygienic wash. The dual self-cleaning stainless steel adjustable nozzle system has an aerated wash stream with oscillation and wide spray functions for even the most sensitive users. The Swash 1000 also features an adjustable warm air dryer, automatic deodorizer, nozzle sterilization, quick release seat, wireless remote control and automatic power-saving eco-mode to save energy.
  • Posterior and feminine warm water washes with pressure control
  • Eco-friendly ceramic core instant heating system for unlimited warm water
  • Twin adjustable stainless steel nozzles with nozzle sterilization
  • Water and seat temperature settings
  • Warm air dryer
  • Activated carbon deodorizer
  • Nozzle oscillation (massage) feature
  • Aerated wash spray with width adjustment (three levels)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Quick release for easy seat removal and cleaning
  • Gentle-closing seat and lid
  • Automatic power-save mode
  • Please note; due to governmental regulations and the hygienic nature of this product, there are no customer returns on products that have been installed and/or used in any manner

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  • California residents

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Bolt Spread (in.)
Power cord length (ft.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)
15.0 in


Bidet Spray Type
Bowl/Seat Shape
Color Family
Adjustable Water Pressure,Deodorizing,Feminine Wash,Heated,Lighted,Nozzle Sterilization,Posterior Wash,Remote Control Operation,Soft Close,Warm Air Dryer,Warm Water Wash
Bolts,Hardware,Mounting Kit,Remote Control,Supply Lines,T Valve Connector
Product Weight (lb.)
Seat Front Type
Seat Length (in.)
Seat Material

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
3 year limited

Questions & Answers


Backflow preventer for Brondell Swash 1000 I consider buying a Brondell Swash 1000 Electric Bid...

Asked by Jay January 7, 2021

Just install a regular toilet seat, get inspected and signed off. Frankly I've never heard of such a you have a backflow preventer on your bath sink, kitchen sink,shower? I'm not a plumber but the only case where backflow preventer might be desired is if your equipment is in a basement subject to flooding. Where is the bidet nozzle going to suck water from and back into your water supply? Crazy requirement from inspector. Call brondel if necessary. I have enjoyed two of this model for over 5yrs with zero issues.

Does it aoto flush? or I still need to flush by myself?

Asked by LLL September 10, 2020

It does not auto flush. You have to do it yourself.

Will this work on Swiss Madison St. Tropez 1-piece dual flush toilet (elongated)? The spec. asks...

Asked by Amanda April 16, 2019

If the seat is a standard two hole mount, from the pictures I saw it should fit. The way the bidet seat mounts is pretty versatile. so it should work.

Do I need to replace the whole unit the seat is cracked and the risers are cracked also.

Asked by Michele December 22, 2018

The old seat is removed and replaced with the Brondell Swash.

How long is the cord?

Asked by Susan August 2, 2018

The cord is not very long, but you can use a 3prong extension cord that will work frime !! We love perfect!!

Does it connect only to cold water? If so, does the water coming from it is cold? Or, it warms it...

Asked by Nick76 August 2, 2018

It connects to cold water only, however the Brondell Swash 1000 has a temperature feature with a built in heater system. You can adjust the temperature in three levels. Essentially cold supply which may be about 60-65 degrees here, luke warm perhaps about 75-80 degrees, and mildly warmer about 90-95 degrees or so. It is definitely not HOT water. We mainly use it on the cold or luke warm settings for energy reasons, but occasionally use the warmest setting. Whatever you have it set on, the system may purge the old water in the heater tank and then begin to heat the water to be ready for you.

What is the "life expectancy" of the Swash 1000?

Asked by PuppyGranny April 9, 2018

The unit seems to be high-quality and the S1000 model has a 3 year parts and labor warranty (50% of costs in 3rd year).

Cat this work on American StandardModel # 708AA101.0204.7778(18) VorMax Plus 2-Piece 1.28 GPF Sin...

Asked by Sylvanasmom5 December 20, 2017

Yes, this will work on almost any toilet, all the major manufacturers. Just make sure your bidet is ordered for a round or elongated toilet seat which ever your actual toilet has.

Would this be better on a round toilet or elongated one?

Asked by TR December 9, 2017

It's designed for an elongated bowl, but it is quite short.

Does this have a hard sitable seat lid?

Asked by Ace August 20, 2017

Yes, it has a slow activating cover in that when you drop the lid it does not slam and slowly drop down to the toilet seat. The actual cover is fine to sit on but I would not recommend you stand on the cover especially if you weigh over 130 or 140 pounds.

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A Smart Purchase, Met My Expectations
Purchased a 1000 model in January 2021 after seeking reviews from Consumer Reports and Wirecutter. I am over 65 years old and in thinking ahead about aging and more limited mobility, felt a bidet would be a great “aging in place” addition to our master bath. Since I’ve never had a bidet nor experience with any other brands, its difficult for me to give the Brondell a 5 star rating, although I was tempted as it delivers to my expectations. I mounted the remote control next to our toilet paper holder for easy reach - don’t even have to take the remote out of the holder. Love the magnet that holds the remote in its cradle. Options on the remote to control water pressure, temperatures (of water and seat) and directional spray are all very clear and user friendly. Installation instructions are simple enough for a casually handy person like me. I was a “heavy” user of toilet paper and our older home sewer pipes have had some periodic clogging over the years. After cleaning with the Brondell, I still use a tiny bit of toilet paper for a final check, but I would say I have reduced my toilet paper usage by 90%! This will be good for the environment, save money on toilet paper and save money on water usage (fewer flushes). And eliminate frustration about the recent pandemic toilet paper shortages. Seriously thinking about getting a second bidet for our guest bathroom. I would recommend Brondell to anyone. It’s a reasonable investment in convenience, comfort, cleanliness and I would say good health. Thank you Brondell for a quality, thoughtful product.
by Ness
Brondell 1000 Unlimited hot water
Just got one of these for the first time.Why did I wait so long? Just Great.
by BigRod101
The Brondell Swash 1000 package arrived earlier than expected and the unit was easy to install. ...
The Brondell Swash 1000 package arrived earlier than expected and the unit was easy to install. Of course I had prepared by installing an electrical outlet before even ordering the unit. We have had it at this point for about two weeks. Operation is straight forward using the remote control, once you know that adjustments (spray position, temperature and pressure) can only be done while operating the wash function and you learn that the settings are indicated by LED color on the remote; not intuitive at first. Wash temperature for wash is responsive; quickly comes up to temperature and any temp changes you select.This is nice since there is no water reservoir that preheats. The dry function works, but leaves some areas wet, so some TP is still needed, even when sitting through a double dry cycle. Again, these functions can only be adjusted while the function is operating. The adjustments remain until changed, so the settings will always be those of the previous user. No presets if your partner likes a different setting. This hasn't been an issue in our household. I was glad that we have an elongated toilet bowl, since the unit, like most bidet seats, reduce the size of the seat's opening so we've learned to sit further forward.
by KWR
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Installation on a non-standard toilet
This is a great bidet but the installation recommendations clearly state it's designed for a standard toilet. However it can be installed on a non-standard (ie concealed trapway) with a few variations. I own an American Standard concealed trapway but I suspect other brands are similarly designed. The problem is the connection at the toilet fill valve is tightly enclosed in the toilet housing so you can't just remove the fill hose and install the 7/8" T like a standard toilet. Warning: Don't even try! You can order the 3/8" alternate fitting and install it to the water supply line at the fill valve on the wall. However I read where this may decrease the fill rate of your toilet. Didn't sound like that was a big deal. However if you also are shooting for aesthetics, the water line can be installed on the toilet fill valve at the bottom of the tank just like a standard toilet. To do this, drain the tank and remove the nuts on under the toilet base beneath the tank from the slotted screws installed on the inside bottom of the tank. I had some plastic washers above the nuts, which likely protect the ceramic, that I saved and reinstalled. This allows the entire tank to be removed. Take outside and clean with a garden hose and rag. Then on a workbench remove and install a new fill valve if it's more than a few years old ($5 to $13 for a fancy new one at HD, Lowes or any hardware store) along with the standard 7/8" "T" fitting and new fill hose ($5 for a metal sleeved one). Reinstall the tank. The fitting and hose will fit through the large hole in the base. All connections, including the tank screws, are hand tight and nothing will leak.
by Asti Spermonti
A Warm Welcoming Seat
Compared with two other branded bidet seats I’ve purchased in the past, the Swash 1000 was the easiest installation I have experienced thus far. The remote and features are simple and friendly to operate and it’s been a “splash” with my guests. The only inconvenience I have with this product is how to hide the extension cord and electrical plug for aesthetics. Other than this factor, I am very content with this bathroom upgrade.
by iheartfilms
Well worth the cost
I have had this seat for almost three years now, and love the product. I rent my home and if I ever move, the bidet seat goes with me!
by Pops
I bought a 1000 previously, but returned it right away after I read reviews that it also leaks, b...
I bought a 1000 previously, but returned it right away after I read reviews that it also leaks, because I still have a leaking 825 I bought. I submitted this negative review on But they wouldn't post it - why? To let people actually see the rust, I'm doing it here… My 825 did function to expectation, but started leaking less than 1 year after the purchase. The remote control, with new batteries, also stopped communicating with the seat - the LEDs do come on. I did some research and found that leaking is a common problem of Brondell bidets - you can find a youtube video trying to fix S300. That video encouraged me to look into fixing my 825. When I opened up the 825, wow, what a mess. Lots of rust due to the leak, every screws and every housings of capacitor, air pump, and motor are all rusted. You can easily see the rust on every metal surface in the photo. There are basically 2 major leaks. 1. water input pressure reducer - the way I named it the reducer leaks. In S300 video, he recommended adding Danco #11 o-ring to stop the leak. In CL825, and 1000, the reducer design is a bit different, but same concept, and o-ring size is closer to Danco #41, though not an exact match. I tried several timing adding additional o-ring and lots of pipe thread sealant. The leaks reduced a lot, but still leaks. 2. motor mount (can't really tell it is a motor or not, buried underneath other pipes and components) There was a big rust water puddle right beneath the motor mount due to loosen screws. I managed to tighten the mounting screws by more than 2 turns. It reduced the leak, but still leaks - could be rust deposit blocking the seal ... What I don't understand is why Brondell bidets still have such leaking problem!! From internet, I have found that, at least, 300, 600, 825, and 1000 have leaking problem. There are obviously design and manufacturing problems, and Brondell engineering and manufacturing must have known the leaking problem for years. Why didn't they fix the design and enhance the manufacturing quality years ago?? You might be able to figure out the reason based on its warranty, which requires shipping & repair fees.
by ja
Excellent product
Have had the Brondell S1000 for two weeks. We are very happy with the product. Performs as advertised. I would highly recommend the Brondell S1000
by Lefty Louie
Wow! We are so impress with this toilet seat.
We had previously bought a complete smart toilet for 1,5k from another company. When it arrived, we realised we needed a plumber and stronger electrical wiring. We thus returned It and decided to give the Bondrell Swash toilet seat a try. Wow! We absolutely don’t regret! It was really easy to install. My husband did it himself in less than 30 minutes. We were anxious to give it a try. Well let me tell you that we are truly impress. This toilet seat makes not only our toilet look expensive, it has all the same features the more expensive smart toilet have. Buy with confidence. You will love it.
by Chantal
Avoid Brondell S1000 & Canadians beware!
I DO NOT recommend the Brondell Swash 1000. I purchased online 9 mo ago through Home Depot Canada eCommerce. It was sight unseen because the stores did not stock. Once installed, the seat has always had some moisture (condensation??) under the heated water tank but it never ran down the john and Brondell said it was NORMAL (see photo). About 3-4mo ago, water began to leak onto the floor. As outlined in the troubleshooting instructions, I removed the seat and checked the mesh filter. It was clean. The moisture under the seat continued but over the past 2mo, it has worsened. We regularly find a puddle of water on the floor. As we are within the 1 yr warranty, I called Brondell (888-542-3355). Brondell insists: 1) the seat be shipped to CA (estimated cost US$35-45 within continental US; actual of $CDN121). These are costs when under warranty for a product that fails early.
by Michael
Response from BrondellProductExpertOct 14, 2019
Hello, we would love to repair your Swash under warranty. Although the cost of shipping the unit to the unites states is costly, that would be the only out of pocket expense under the 1st year of warranty. Under the 1st year of warranty parts and labor are 100% covered. We do apologize about the inconvenience. brondell
Showing 1-10 of 422 reviews