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5 lb. Weed Prevention Plus Bag

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  • 5.4 lb. bag
  • Homogenous pellet for uniform nutrient and herbicide distribution
  • For use in flower gardens, vegetable gardens & landscaped areas
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Product Overview

Weeds can ruin a garden in a variety of ways. Weeds can hog all of the nutrients given out by your compost and soil, causing your plants, fruits and veggies to suffer as a result. Weeds can also crowd out your plants and confine them to a space that will not allow them to grow and flourish. Concern Weed Prevention Plus for gardens uses the power of corn gluten to prevent weeds from sprouting and robbing your plants of valuable nutrients. Stop weeds and dandelions before they start with this natural product. The Concern Weed Prevention Plus harnesses the power of corn gluten meal (100%), creating a powerful weed prevention fertilizer. Up to 90% effective weed control in the first year on dandelions and crabgrass. For use in flower gardens, vegetable gardens and in landscaped areas around trees, shrubs and ornamentals. Will not burn. Concern Weed Prevention Plus is composed of 100% granulated corn gluten meal. Children and pets can play on the lawn immediately after application since Concern weed prevention plus kills only the root of sprouting seeds, it can be used with confidence around established plants, including transplants, flower beds, shrubs and roses. When your flower or vegetable sprouts have true leaves, it is safe to apply Weed Prevention Plus even up until the day of harvest.
  • Prepare garden bed by turning under or pulling established leaves, then sprinkle around bedding plants, flowers or shrubs
  • Lawn spread weed prevention plus evenly over lawn grass by hand or in a spreader
  • Apply 5 lbs. per 250 sq. ft (25 ft. x 10 ft.) to turf or garden soil, if you choose you can use twice the recommended rate for even better control with no fear of burning your plants
  • Your first lawn application should be in the early spring, 3-5 weeks before weeds begin to sprout
  • 5.4 lb. bag
  • Rake lightly into soil, weed prevention plus works best if applied, watered in and allowed to dry for 2-3 days
  • Up to 90% effective weed control in the first year on dandelions and crabgrass
  • Will not burn
  • Homogenous pellet for uniform nutrient and herbicide distribution
  • For use in flower gardens, vegetable gardens and in landscaped areas around trees, shrubs and ornamentals
  • Easy to use re-sealable bag
  • Safe for children and pets

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Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Application Method
spread by hand
Area of Use
Garden,Landscape Bed
Bag Weight (lb.)
Concentrated or Ready to Use
Ready to use
Contact or systemic
Neither (Pre-emergent)
Equivalent ready to use amount
Extended Control
Safe for Edibles
Weed Type
Bermuda Grass,Bindweed,Buffalograss

Questions & Answers


can it stop violet seeds from sprouting in my lawn? I am looking for a pre emergent.

Asked by Kristine August 21, 2018

This product will prevent seeds from sprouting.

I have fruit trees with weeds around them. I think what I am reading is that it is too late for...

Asked by pnub March 23, 2018

Yes, the first lawn application should be early in the spring, 3-5 weeks before weeds begin to sprout. The product can then be re-applied in the late summer when temperatures turn cooler to control the late season weeds.

can I safely use this product around my chickens ?

Asked by Roadsurfer March 18, 2018

This product is 100% corn gluten which will not harm the chickens. However, if they are laying hens, egg weight may be reduced.

Is this good to use on Tall-Fescue grass ..?

Asked by Rolo December 28, 2017

I've used this product for a couple years now on Zoysia grass. Couldn't speak for Fescue. But unlike single nutrient fertilizers, it's a good alternative for adding organic matter naturally to the lawn as it breaks down.

Does these products kill animals such as rabbits, squirrels. Birds etc

Asked by Bunny May 2, 2017


Why does the web page specification say it's not organic. It's only corn gluten, right? Maybe i...

Asked by Janet April 4, 2017

This product contains 100% Corn Gluten, however, it is not certified as organic.

Can this be used on St. Augustine grass in Texas?? Thank you!

Asked by Rob March 11, 2017

This product is effective against Barnyardgrass, Smooth Crabgrass, Curly Dock, Green Foxtail, Black Nightshade, Orchardgrass, Shattercane, Purslane, Wooly Cupgrass, Giant Foxtail, Lambs quarter, Buckhorn, Quackgrass, Velvetleaf, Annual Bluegrass, Dandelions, Creeping Bentgrass, Black Medic, Redroot Pigweed, Catchweed Bedstraw, Clover, and other common garden weeds. When used as directed it will not harm established plants or lawns.

What is the effective length of time before reapplication is necessary?

Asked by Cowboy March 7, 2017

I spread in a heavy pattern on perennial garden beds and around shrubs and then cover with mulch. I usually don't have to reapply. If you lay the product down with no mulch it will prevent a majority of weeds but must be reapplied a couple times throughout growing season. I've found this is great to spread BEFORE adding additional mulch to beds for effectiveness.

how much coverage for a 5 lb bag?

Asked by huskerpig February 19, 2017

One 5lb bag will treat up to 250 sq. ft.

Is this product good for walkways and such?

Asked by katjane February 19, 2017

This product is ideal for use on lawns and in gardens. We do not recommend its use on walkways. As an alternative, we suggest trying our Safer® Brand Fast Acting Weed & Grass Killer (model 5055).

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