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5 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer

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  • Controls & eliminates annual & perennial weeds and grasses
  • OMRI-listed and approved for organic use
  • Free of sulphates, bleach, dyes, or chloride, derived from corn
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Product Details

About This Product

20% Vinegar Weed Killer is a quick-acting, horticultural vinegar biopesticide for non-selective control of herbaceous broadleaf weeds and weed grasses. Our 20% Vinegar Weed Killer contains an organic acid that acts fast and degrades promptly in the soil. Foliar contact results in rapid desiccation and control of annual weeds and grasses, as well as top growth reduction of herbaceous perennial weeds and grasses.


  • Use it to kill all sorts of weeds
  • Certified for organic use
  • Derived from corn
  • Safer alternative to harmful chemicals
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Product Information

Internet # 308696975

Model # GG20WK5


Dimensions: H 15 in, W 12 in, D 12 in


Container Size (oz.)


Product Depth (in.)

12 in

Product Height (in.)

15 in

Product Size

5 GA-Gallon

Product Width (in.)

12 in


Application Method

Simply add vinegar to a pump sprayer and start spraying unwanted weeds or grass to the point of wetness in full sunshine. Vinegar will start working immediately and the weeds will die within 24 hours of using this product.

Application Type


Area of Use

Driveway, Garden, Landscape Bed, Lawn, Patio

Compatible Grass Type

All Purpose

Concentrated or Ready to Use

Ready to use

Contact or systemic


Emergent Type



Kills Chickweed, Kills Clovers, Kills Common Weeds, Kills Crab Grass, Kills Dandelion, Kills Dollarweed









Pack Size


Primary Active Ingredient




Safe For

Not Safe for Kids and Pets

Safe for Edibles


Spray Application Type


Total Coverage Area (sq. ft.)


Weed Type

Air Potato Vine (Dioscorea Bulbifera), Ajuga Bugle Weed Carpet Bugle, Alfalfa, Annual Bluegrass, Annual Ryegrass, Asiatic Jasmine, Bahia Grass, Bamboo, Barnyardgrass, Beggarweed, Bermuda Buttercup, Bermuda Grass, Crabgrass, Dandelion, Garlic Mustard, Orchardgrass, Yellow Nutgrass

Questions & Answers

Q:Do I mix Green Gobbler straight in a 1 gal bottle, or do I mix it with water, and if so how much. There are none of these instructions on the jug.
by|Jul 11, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  You will need to use the product straight out of the bottle. You do not want to dilute the product.

by|Jul 12, 2024
    Q:How do you set up sprayer
    by|Jul 4, 2024
    2 Answers
    Answer This Question

    A:  Please see link for instructions for using the sprayer. https://weiman.zendesk.com/attachments/token/kKanMJGs4zyGUixvQe4Wbn4iG/?name=G6008-Square_vinegar_priming_directions.pdf

    by|Jul 12, 2024
      1 found this answer helpful

      A:  It's not a red tip. The black tip goes into the collar on the cap after cap is opened. Then you adjust open or closed. My husband figured it out. I was completely confused by "red tip" instructions

      by|Jul 12, 2024
        Q:If the preen weed killer is sprayed under a tree will it harm the tree
        by|Jun 30, 2024
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  No, the Green Gobbler 20% Weed Killer will not kill the tree if it is sprayed under it. You will want to avoid getting the product onto the foliage of the trees.

        by|Jul 1, 2024
          Q:My neighbor sprays and states he uses eco-friendly weed kill but he has his dog and kids playing in the yard where he’s wearing sandals and shorts. Would you recommend this?
          by|Jun 19, 2024
          1 Answer
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          A:  Once the area is completely dry from using the Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed Killer, it is safe for children and pets to be in the area.

          by|Jun 19, 2024
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            Installing the hose is too complicated
            I could not use it because I couldn't install the hose. The instructions are simple, remove sticker, open flip top, firmly insert red hose tip. I can't figure out how to do that. I don't see a red hose tip, I got black tip... and I try to insert it and there's no way it will go in. The body of the container is already bending when I try to press the tip firmly. But why does it have to be this difficult. I just wanna spray it on the weeds. Previous product I bought from you, it had the hose attached to the cap and all I need to do is replace the container cap with it and I'm done. I will most likely return this item if I can't find any directions online.
            This review is from 1 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer
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            17 found this review helpful
            Effective weed control
            This weed killer is amazing. I sprayed it on a test area and, in the sun, within 4-6 hours the vegetation was visibly very stressed. The next day it was all completely brown. The area not sprayed was fine. The spray needs to hit leaves or blades of grass. If some leaves block the spray from leaves underneath, the lower leaves will still be green and require a second spraying. This works great for weeds coming up through a brick pavement. There is a definite smell but it dissipates. The tall grass in a corner required three or four sprayings. The sprayer works great. The instructions are clear. I sprayed some weeds in the evening. Overnight they became wilted and then turned brown in the sun.
            This review is from 1 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer
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            4 found this review helpful
            Seems to work well
            I like the idea of not using chemicals more than I have to especially when it comes to spraying them around outdoors. You can certainly smell the vinegar when you use this but it makes feel as though I am cooking instead of killing weeds. I had my doubts but after a day, several things I sprayed turned yellow. After a few days some English Ivy leaves turned brown and wrinkled yellow. Not sure what the long term effect will be but so far it is encouraging.
            This review is from 1 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer
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            4 found this review helpful
            Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed Killer worked as indicated. I placed stone pepples around the perimeter of my home; however I fight weeds each year that come up through the pepples. I would utilize foliage killer to get rid of these weeds. Green Gobbler appears to be more eco friendly. I had to wait for a dry less windy day to apply the vinegar weed killer. You have to be careful to not get this weed killer on any plants you want or lawn it will kill everything you spray it on. This would be great for sidewalks and driveways where weeds come up through the cracks just be careful of drift.
            This review is from 1 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer
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            Makes you crave salad with vinigarette
            Okay, the jury is still out on this GREEN GOBBLER product. It SHOULD work! SHOULD, but my weeds may just be too resistant. I don't know if it killed them so much as it stunned them... it's been a few days, so time will tell. AND GREEN GOBBLER smells like VINEGAR! WOO! The spray nozzle worked well and I felt better for the environment because vinegar is something that's natural. Yeah, yeah... Oddly enough though, my wife wanted to borrow some GREEN GOBBLER to clean some seashells. It seemed to clean those shells all right... so there's another application. Stuns weeds, cleans shells, makes you crave a salad.
            This review is from 1 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer
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            12 found this review helpful
            Great Weed Spray
            This vinegar based weed spray works great. I sprayed in on the weeds growing in an area where it is hard to pull the weeds. cracks in sidewalk and along garden edging. It is in an easy to use pump spray bottle. As you spray it you can smell the vinegar even though there is only 20% in the bottle. This spray can be used on a variety of broad leaf weeds. It can also be used around food crops, do not spray on food crops. Use on weeds that are just coming up.
            • Recommended
            4 found this review helpful
            This stuff rocks!
            Here in Idaho we have some tough weeds, and lots of them. To test his product out, I had found a "walkway of weeds", in my back yard. It was late afternoon and after the recommended time to apply it, so I really didn't expect much action, especially with a light rain that evening. I checked it the next morning, and to my surprise this product had wiped out every weed I sprayed, overnight. Great stuff!
            This review is from 1 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer
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            5 found this review helpful
            Effective and safe
            This comes in a cardboard box measuring 14.5” tall and 7” square and is packed with bubble wrap, so is secure and doesn’t flop around during shipping. The spray handle/nozzle comes in a small Ziplock with the instructions. You will need to attach the nozzle to the top of the container. It assembles easily. The tube that feeds down into the container is 34” long which makes it easy to hold the jug in one hand and spray with the other and plenty of hose to use up the last little bit of liquid. There is a little stopper (see pic) on the tube which helps lock it in place once you’ve decided upon the length of tube you want to use. The nozzle can be adjusted anywhere between a stream and a fine spray which is very convenient. Make sure after you spray and you are storing the container, you have the end of the nozzle higher than the level of the liquid left in the container or it will drip. This spray only works in conjunction with the sun. The vegetation you spray it on needs to get several hours of direct sunlight a day in order for the vinegar to do its job. Additionally, vinegar has its limitations: it will burn the leaves of plants that have long/strong tap roots (dandelions, etc.) but won’t kill them off. It also doesn't work well on plants with thick, fleshy leaves (see pics). This works on plants that do not have a strong or substantial root system unless you spray it EVERY time more leaves show. Vinegar works on depriving the root system of the leaves it needs to assimilate nutrients by burning the leaves off, so as long as you can deprive the root system of the leaves it needs, it’ll work. The very best time to use it is when weeds are just starting to sprout. I really like having this as an option as it’s safe for the environment, easy to use and non-toxic for critters and kids and no residuals to worry about for the good bugs in my garden.
            This review is from 1 Gal. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer
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            7 found this review helpful
            A biodegradable weed killer
            The Green Gobbler 32 fl. oz. 20% Vinegar Weed Killer is easy to use and it is super effective. I tried it on dandelions and crabgrass and it works light magic. The weeds all dried up and turned brown in about two hours. The vinegar weed killer does smell quite strong so I recommend wearing a mask when applying. I like it is biodegradable and friendly to the environment. This is a great product.
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            3 found this review helpful
            Does the job well enough
            I've been using 30% vinegar to kill weeds instead of popular toxic chemicals for a while now. I thought it was time to try 20% a try because having options is good. Like using any harsh chemical, it's a good idea to wear nitrile, latex, or similar liquid-proof gloves and close-toed shoes when using this product...ESPECIALLY with the sprayer on this bottle. The nozzle has two settings, mist and off. When misting you get a cloud of vinegar that is easily moved by a breeze, so it is possible to have blowback getting on your feet and hands. Pros: - It kills weeds without having to worry about toxic chemicals getting into the groundwater. - No mixing. There is no need to add dish soap, Epsom salt, or any other ingredient normally recommended for homemade kitchen strength (5%) vinegar. Cons: - The weaker strength takes slightly longer to kill the weeds (maybe a few hours longer, so a pretty minor con) - The nozzle sprays over a large area, so targeting specific seeds next to desired garden plants is difficult unless you very nearly touch the weed. That means a lot of bending over. I would recommend this product be used with a wand-style pump sprayer (get a high-quality one to stand up to the acetic acid of the vinegar). In that way, you can target specific weeds among your plants without breaking your back.
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            5 found this review helpful
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