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About Organic Gardening

Take your garden to the next level. Organic gardening is better for the environment and better for you. Pesticide- and chemical-free gardens can produce fruits, vegetables and herbs that are safe to eat and taste better. Organics are not just for the garden, you can have an organic lawn, too.

What is Organic Gardening?
An organic garden avoids using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. You grow plants without using toxic chemicals. You use organic seeds and organic weed killers that are chemical free. It’s more than getting the right products, it’s about how you cultivate the soil to support the plants naturally. Compost piles, seed starting and organic pest management are also part of any organic garden.

Organic Garden Tip: Weed early in the season so it will be easier to manage in the summer.

Organic Garden Benefits
There are so many benefits to organic gardening, we couldn’t possibly list them all. Here are a few. You can eat organic fruits and veggies right out of the garden. Plus, they have higher vitamin and mineral content and they won’t have chemical residue. Grow your own and save money on groceries. Birds, small animals, children and adults are safe from harmful pesticides. Don’t forget, gardening is exercise. It increases blood flow, uses muscles, and improves our health.

Organic Lawn Care
It might take some effort, but you can have a thick, healthy, green lawn using organic lawn fertilizer and organic based products. Make sure to plant organic grass seed that thrives in your area for a healthy, safe, pesticide-free lawn. A healthy lawn can act as an air filter and makes for a great place for outdoor fun. Start an organic lawn care regimen today. 

Organic Lawn Care Tip: Keep your mower blades sharp. You want the blade to cut, not tear to make it less susceptible to disease.

We Make Organic Gardening Easier
It’s easy to get your organic garden started, we carry tons of organic soil at The Home Depot. We also offer organic gardening DIY workshops each year to teach customers how to grow healthy and productive plants without chemicals. Plus, your local Home Depot Store takes extra care to ensure the plants they carry will live in your area. Go organic, we’ve got you covered.