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Bladeless 12-Speed 90 Deg. Oscillating Fan

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  • Bladeless fan design for use around children and pets
  • Cool in every direction, vertical tilt and horizontal oscillation
  • Customize comfort with 12 individual speed settings
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Product Details

Keeping your home cool shouldn't require worrying about little fingers, paws and noses around fan blades. Not to mention the dust collection that fan blades accumulate and blow across the room. pureFlow QT7 brings the security of a dust-free bladeless breeze that keeps any room cool and comfortable.
  • Adjust and oscillate: circulate air throughout the entire room with its unique 90 degree Vertical Tilt and 90 degree Horizontal Oscillation, keeping the air flowing in every direction
  • Powerful airflow: uniquely designed to cycle air more quickly than traditional fans, keeping your room temperature consistent and comfortable
  • Energy efficient: everything about this fan is designed to reduce power usage and increase airflow. Using as little as 2-Watt it can provide twice the circulation speed and coverage of a normal fan
  • Safety-first design: provides a safe alternative to traditional bladed fans because of its bladeless cooling design, allowing for use around children and pets
  • Whisper quiet: operates at a whisper-quiet 13 dB, providing a calm and peaceful white noise without intruding on your hearing comfort
  • 12 fan speeds: customize your comfort with 12 individual fan speed settings, offering airflow from a gentle breeze to a full gust of wind and everything in between
  • Convenient controls: simple control panel and included remote control allow for fan speed and oscillation adjustments from the comfort of your seat
  • CFM: 198 Quiet Operation (As low as 13dB)
  • Affected Area: 30 ft. Multi-Directional Airflow
  • Named Best Quiet Fan by Essential Home and Garden
  • Wattage: 2.4-Watt to 21-Watt
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Questions & Answers

Q:Are the parts of the fan glued together had mine for over 2 years but all of a sudden the black line has cracked open apart from the white part so my fans making this whistling noise is there a way to fix this with some type of glue?
by|Aug 26, 2022
0 Answer
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Q:Is this available in black? Seems like it would be much less obtrusive in black.
by|Jul 4, 2021
2 Answers
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A:  No it doesn’t

by|Jul 4, 2021

A:  Hello. Unfortunately, this product is not available in black.

by|Jul 6, 2021
    Q:Why is this called "Bladeless", when in fact there are fan blades in the unit? I have multiple c...
    by|Aug 30, 2020
    2 Answers
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    A:  The “blades” are not visible, they are hidden. I have a Lasko tower fan in my living room. I also have 2 cats. I clean this fan at least once a month.

    by|Sep 2, 2020

    A:  Home Depot sure wish one could reply to some of the folks that answer directly, as this is for "NanaPatti", sorry but the reason your answer isn't really helpful to me is we foster cats and kittens, and sometimes we may have up to 30 cats in our home at a time for 2-3 months or longer at times. And our regular grill-guard fans all have to be thoroughly taken apart, wiped and cleansed down at least once every 2-3 days. If it were only 2 cats, I think it might have been fine,{but still not too sure}. But with the number of felines in and out of our home, this having hidden fan blades and no real access to get to them for a through cleaning and wipe down with disinfectants/sanitizer, I just don't this type fan would work in our particular situation. If the fan had been truly bladeless as it is called, then that would have been much better for our situation. And now it's getting to be very difficult to know if any of these fans are truly bladeless as they have been touted. That's why I was hoping the manufacture might have chimed in here and stated if the fan could be opened up to access the blades so they could be wiped down, disinfected and wiped down to dry and clean the internal blades. I just feel if I can't see what the blades really look like, how do I know they are really clean and sanitized? And with the number of cats we get in our home, we've had a few fan motors burn out because they got overloaded with cat fur{when we first started fostering cats and kittens, we didn't clean the blades as often as needed on our fans, after 2 motor burn outs, we learned quickly to clean the physical blades every 2-3 days}. And this being a very expensive fan unit, I'd hate for that to happen because I can't get to the fan blades and physically check and clean them. But I do appreciate your answer, just don't think it covers our current cat populous situation.

    by|Jun 15, 2022
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      Q:Hi--can the fan be set to not oscillate--that is, to hold one position only?
      by|May 22, 2020
      3 Answers
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      A:  Hello! Thank you for your question. Yes - this fan can be set to stay in one position.

      by|May 26, 2020

        A:  Yes. The GreenTech Environmental Bladeless 12-Speed 90° Oscillating Fan can stay in one position.

        by|May 24, 2020

        A:  Absolutely - I've yet to even use the oscillate feature and it has been on in my office for 5-days a week for over 3 weeks. Haven't found the need for it, but, if it was going to my living room for a group of us, oscillate will be used. The remote gives you the option to use it or not, too.

        by|Jul 16, 2021
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        Okay first off. This fan is not truly bladeless, like the Dyson Air Multiplier, it is also not bl...
        Okay first off. This fan is not truly bladeless, like the Dyson Air Multiplier, it is also not bladeless fan. Both have fan blades. What it bladeless is that there will be NO chance of you or your child from getting their fingers cut off by the fan blade. That is what they meant here as "bladeless". Thus why that big black hole that you can stick your hand in and not have any fingers chopped off. You see it also has air intake holes that correspond to the slits on the front of the face of the unit around the fan. I believe it is using the same technology of the Dyson where there is fan that is blowing air out of the slit around that circle front. See the pic that I show the slit the air is flowing from, and thus it does the similar affect of inducement air and entrainment air that give it that strong feeling of the air coming from it. The so call multiplying effect to the air flow from the fan blade in the head of this basketball size unit Yes, It is round and is about the size of a white basketball, so keep that in mind that it it is not a small desk top fan, but imagine having a white basketball on your desk that has a pedestal too. I think it is better to have it on the floor of the room. Otherwise its a pretty good product. It comes with a small thin remote, not bulking at all. See pics next to a set of regular door keys so you can see the size comparison. Try not to lose the remote. You may want to put some velcro on it and the unit to keep it together when not in use. Now it does have some really nice features, such as oscillating left to right via remote or on the control panel that looks similar circle controls of an Ipod. It has timer feature that you can set for up to 9 hrs, and the fan speed goes all the way up to 12 settings. I find that up to about fan setting 3 is good for overnight sleeping with minimal noise, even with oscillating mode on. The oscillation is quiet and smooth. If you want to tilt it up or down, sorry you have to do that manually. Since it really does have a "hidden" blade, expect that you will probably get dust from the air sticking to it from use like any other traditional fan, only you cant access the blade to wipe clean. I would then suggest have it unplugged and use a computer air can to blow any accumulating dust off the fan blades inside. Overall its a nice fan, using this technology and will be great for using at night on those hot summer humid nights to move the air and thereby increase the effectiveness of your air conditioner cooling the room.
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        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is really adorable and effective. I love the fact that it is bladeless,quiet and trendy. It came with a remote control that allow you access to control it from where you are sitting. I love the oscillation, it looks like a robot when oscillating. The air that it blows is powerful and cool,at the same time very quiet.I love the size and the bladeless feature is a plus ,because, I don't have to worry about my kids trying to put their hands in it. The best part is that it has a digital display that gives you ability to press what feature you want operating. I will recommend this product over and over again. I love it so much.
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          Wow! This fan certainly pushes air and can oscillate 90-degrees. You can set it from low to high ...
          Wow! This fan certainly pushes air and can oscillate 90-degrees. You can set it from low to high fan speed and also when to turn it off automatically. It has a remote which can be used when you don't want to get up to turn it on. There are no blades to clean and nothing to take apart. I just got this and tried it out but will have to wait for Spring/Summer to use it daily.
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          The future of household fans is here with the GreenTech bladeless fan. There's no more need for d...
          The future of household fans is here with the GreenTech bladeless fan. There's no more need for dodgy, dust-collecting box fans. This fan could even prove a quick, viable and cheaper substitution for installing a ceiling fan. No struggling with installation. Just plug it in and turn it on - remotely even. The unit is lightweight and easy to move around. There is an almost 8 foot long power cord included with the power adapter. The speed settings (01 ~ 12) range from breezy to strong wind. Noise levels are very, very low at the lower speeds. They are more pronounced at higher speeds. The vertical air direction can be changed from straight out to straight up and everything in between, by simply moving the position of the air flow port up or down with your hand. A 4-way touch pad controls: on-off power, fan speed, oscillation and a shut-off timer. When at speed 12, one more press returns the speed to 01. When restarted, the fan remembers the last speed setting used. The shut-off timer allows for up to 9 hours of operation in 1-hour increments. When turning on the unit or making any changes, the LED display will brighten and then dim slightly after 2 or 3 seconds but it does stay on as long as the unit is plugged in. Finally, it comes with a remote control to handle all of the duties of the 4-way controller. (CR 2025 battery included) If I had to come up with one complaint, it would be that the LED stays lit. In a bedroom environment it could prove too bright; but even *that* is just a simple matter of covering it.
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          Sometimes a large sized fan is not appropriate for a space and this small,compact but powerful fa...
          Sometimes a large sized fan is not appropriate for a space and this small,compact but powerful fan will do the job. Looking like something from the future with its modern globe design,it offers a great and safe way to cool your home with some great features. It has 12 fan speeds,can oscillate and be tilted to adjust to almost any angle vertically. It comes with a remote but you can also turn on/off on the base if needed. I tried standing about 8ft from the fan and could still feel the breeze at level 9(it goes up tp 12). This can be used all year round to add air flow to any room. It’s small and compact design will allow it to be used in the smallest of spaces and because of its bladeless design,it is very baby/child pet friendly. What I especially like is the way the airflow is streamed into the room with a vortex of air. Since it sits on the floor,it won’t take up a big visual footprint like other larger fans do. Overall it is a great fan and will add needed airflow with a nice design and useful features.
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          Lots of air in a quiet fan!
          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This fan is very futuristic looking and is about the size of a bowling ball. It is made of plastic, but seems study. It has a multi-directional airflow, with a 90-degree vertical tilt, on top of its 90-degree horizontal oscillation. You can point this fan straight up to target the ceiling, or you can simply allow it to oscillate from left to right and circulate the air in the room. Turning the oscillation mode off allows you to direct the airflow to a specific spot. There are 12 Fan Speeds, and at the fastest speeds, there is a lot of quiet air movement. There is also a timer on the fan, and it will shut off automatically after the allotted amount of time. There is a small remote control included, which is my favorite thing about this bladeless fan.
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            Spaceballs, the movie. That is what I think of when I look at this fan. All kidding aside, this i...
            Spaceballs, the movie. That is what I think of when I look at this fan. All kidding aside, this is a turbo little unit. It’s great that there are no moving fan blades. Great around kids and pets. When using the lower fan speeds, you hardly know it is on by the sound. It still moves air fine, it’s just quiet. Once you hit speeds 7-12, you notice the noise. It’s not crazy loud or anything. Just noticible. The remote control is nice and works great. I do wish the lettering and coloring on the remote stood out better. You really need to study it to know what you are doing. It also has a timer that works great.
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            Great Bladeless fan! Why would you get one with blades when you can be safe especially around ch...
            Great Bladeless fan! Why would you get one with blades when you can be safe especially around children and pets with this GreenTech Environmental pureflo one! It looks like a space helmet but yet cool looking. Bigger then I expected but like the size for more airflow, 10.5" width x 10.63 depth x 12.75 high. It has 12 speeds. A timer to select 1-9 hours. A remote control. There are blue lights that show the information which stays on all the time, so if you plan on using it in a bedroom and don't like any lights you may need to cover it. It oscillates horizontally and you can move it vertically to whatever angle and straight up. There is a 2 year warranty to be free from all defects in material and workmanship in normal household use. The only sound I hear is from the air movement so it's pretty quiet otherwise. I use it in our kitchen, so when I am using the oven and the smoke alarm goes off from the heat or smoke I can just move it vertically to the ceiling and it clears the alarm quickly. Besides using it when I don't want the A/C on but need air circulation. There is no cleaning involved since there are no blades, except the outside. There are of course intake vents on the back so I am sure dust will collect there but it could be easily cleaned off or vacuumed. I heard somewhere that you could put one of those thin hairnets around the back intake vents to make it easier to clean the vents but I don't think I would want anything to block the air intake to jeopardize performance. Great Bladeless fan and worth the price.
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            Perfect for my home office! I'm thrilled because it is whisper quiet and fits next to my printer ...
            Perfect for my home office! I'm thrilled because it is whisper quiet and fits next to my printer (see picture below). I'm sitting about 9 feet away from the fan, with my TV on and I can't hear the fan at all! There are 12 fan speeds and the fan is powerful enough to be felt 30 feet away. It can move 198 cubic feet of air per minute (according to the specs) and produces 13 dB at the lowest speed, which equals the hum of an incandescent light bulb! The fan can adjust vertically 90 degrees and also oscillates 90 degrees. Like they say in the commercials - but wait - there's more! There's also a built-in timer that lets you select how long in hours, (between 1 and 9) that you want the fan to run before turning itself off. I've tried to save the best for last - this unit has a remote control (battery included), so you can sit at your desk and control everything except the vertical setting! I'm attaching a picture of the remote and the Owner's Manual, which are quite small. There is a 2-year warranty on the fan and it just doesn't get any better than that! This would be perfect for a bedroom, office, or nursery!
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            I love not worrying about the blades - and it is very quiet. Lots of speeds and it tilts up if you want to circulate air without feeling a breeze yourself. Expensive but quality. I expect it will last a long time
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