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3/4 in. PVC Slip Joint x Slip Joint Union

  • Useful for joining 2 pipes for an ample reach
  • Withstands work pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Resists up to 140F and ensures long-term usage
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Product Overview

The Homewerks Worldwide Slip x Slip Union is used to join lengths of pipe together. Can be used with either Sch. 40 or Sch. 80. It connects cold water pipes with solvent-weld connections. Rated for 150 psi at 73°F, complies with ANSI B2.1.
  • Solvent-weld connections
  • Rubber O-ring seal
  • NSF standard 14 for plastic piping system components
  • Great do it yourselfer product
  • Easy installation
  • Easy installation
  • California residents

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Fitting 1 size3/4"3/4"3/4"1"
Fitting or Connector TypeCouplingUnionTeeTee
Schedule TypeSchedule 40Schedule 40Schedule 40Schedule 40
Pack Size1111
ConnectivityCompressionSlip JointCompressionCompression
FeaturesUnderground UseCorrosion ResistantCorrosion ResistantCorrosion Resistant
ApplicationNon-Potable WaterNon-Potable WaterWater SupplyNon-Potable Water
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Double Fitting Size
3/4" x 3/4"
Fitting 1 size
Fitting 2 size
Product Length (in.)


Non-Potable Water
Color Family
Compatible Pipe Material
Connection 1
Connection 2
Slip Joint
Corrosion Resistant
Fitting or Connector Type
Fitting/ Connector Collection
Maximum working pressure (psi)
Maximum Working Temperature (F)
Pack Size
Pipe or Fitting Product Type
Fittings & Connectors
Product Weight (lb.)
Reducing Fitting
Schedule Type
Schedule 40

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year

Questions & Answers


Does it matter which direction I should install the fitting, according water flow direction, so t...

Asked by Getitright August 15, 2020

The direction only matter in that one side of the connection will have the connecting ring on it when removed. If you may attach something else to the same spot, consider which sides need to match up before installation. I.E. if your other piping already has the "male" end, then make sure a "female" (with the ring) end is on the permanent side.

Application says non-potable water. Is that correct?

Asked by RTG May 22, 2020

You are correct, but I also wonder why this is the case. PVC is commonly used for domestic water and maximum working pressure is 150 lbs, which is way more than domestic water pressure. The issue can only be with use of a union in a permanent water line and the presence of the seal. Can the manufacturer cast some light on RTG's question?

I just bought a couple, and these are different than the ones I had previously purchased. They ar...

Asked by Joey April 27, 2020

My 3/4 inch new one works as well as the bigger older version.

I went and bought two of these items today, and they are DIFFERENT that the ones the Home Depot ...

Asked by Joey April 26, 2020

It seems the manufacturer changed the size of these unions (other than the PVC pipe size) a while back, but kept the SAME UPC. Why, I do not know. I was just lucky that I had enough of the older, bigger ones when I discovered the change so that I could complete my project, which needed the unions to all be compatible. The new ones are not at all interchangeable with the old ones. At least, the UPC should have changed. Very frustrating!

Which end is the glue end. I see you can not hot glue both ends or it will not connect.

Asked by JP December 22, 2019

Yes. You glue both ends to connect 2 ends of pipe together. You have to make certain that you cut the pipe ends correctly, in order for them to fit together properly, arter glueing the ends.

I have installed 3 of these - and all of them leak after two days. My water pressure is 90 PSI. S...

Asked by Joey October 3, 2019

Without photos or a lot more info off the top of my head it could be leaking at the screws because it was overtightened, factory mistake, no pvc approved pipe sealant, no Teflon tape or became loose during installation. Another possibility is the pipe is unsecured, the primer and adhesive were not used correctly, the wrong kind of adhesive and primer were used, the glued joints were not allowed to dry for 2-24 hours before depressurized or used, the glued joints weekended during installation or water surge (water hammer) could we easily break the seal or joint. Other reasons could be due to over flexing the joint to join out of alignment pipes or the rubber gasket failed and finally could be due to excessive heat, pressure or corrosive environment either internally or externally. Sorry can't help without more info if it failed at any other location besides the union joints it means it either basically structurally failed due to extreme pressure, vacuum or some other unaccounted for force maybe due to high static head. This type of joint should not leak or fail and is designed to fail due to material limitations and in theory glued pvc joints are strong enough to not require external support like thrust blocking. Water hammer can cause pressures easily be 10 times greater than the static or operating pressure which is difficult to accurately measure due to the incompressibility of water and the pressure wave traveling around speed of sound(depending on pipe material) too quickly for normal pressure gauges or pressure relief valves to engage quickly enough.

I'm installing this between the ends of a 3/4" PVC pipe that I'm cutting in two so that I can lat...

Asked by DFWmark September 23, 2019

maybe a half inch. Use a pvc pipe cutting tool for a precise cut. On fittings, you can measure this by simply looking inside and measuring, then marking the outside and measure

Can the parts from the thread x thread be interchanged with the slip x slip to make a hybrid union?

Asked by Azdanno November 11, 2018

Yes. The only difference in in the thread vs slip part.

What is the diameter of the threaded part of the 3/4 inch slip x slip union ?

Asked by albert October 18, 2018

The diameter is very close to 2 1/8 inches. The threads seem to be about nine threads per inch. I hope this helps.

what is the size of the replacement o-ring?

Asked by steve April 17, 2017

OD = 1 7/32" (30.7mm) ID = 31/32" (24.8mm) Thickness = 1/8" (3mm)

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My pump whole house filtration fixed system was not compatible...
My pump whole house filtration fixed system was not compatible for easy replacement of filtration equipment. Inserting these slip joints in strategic locations enables more efficient removal of component sectors such as a particulate filter housing replacement rather than tearing out the whole system to do it. I installed three of these slip joint in three locations and they work extremely well. This was an inexpensive upgrade to lessen the work time needed to replace filter components. If time and money is important and less work to handle a filtration system this is the way to go. Attached is my system before slip joint installation. However it is added to give the reader a better understanding of how hard in a fixed system it would be to exchange components without slip joints.
by HomeDepotCustomer
I won't be buying again
I installed this union thinking I could do repairs in the future on my irrigation valve if needed. It worked for about a day and a half then sheared off on the threading. This was installed on the supply side with normal pressure. I eventually went to a complete glue job since the reliability of these are in question and so far that's working. Don't trust these weak Chinese unions.
by DIY
These are so handy...
These are so handy
irrigation repair under ground mainline (always under pressure)
I used the SLIPxSLIP versions. I installed 2 of these at 2 different repairs. I'm hoping they work. I had a slight leak, clearly coming from the threaded joint. I turned the water off and tightened it a little bit more by hand, and no more leak. It's under pressure all the time, a main line in my irrigation system. I'll leave the ground exposed another day and then cover it up. I feel like this makes sense to use for a repair, but the rubber seal worries me - will it last for 47 more years (I'll be 100 and no longer care). What I did: I cut the main line to remove the break, then two elbows sending the line upward, then two more elbows bringing those lines together. If I did not use this UNION, then I'd have to push the PVC together at the final connection, without twisting 1/4 turn, and that worries me, worries me that I won't get a good weld. So, I chose to try this UNION, and I'll update if I have a blow-out or trouble. It says it's rated for 150-PSI. SEE IMAGE Teach me something.
by lewisfla06m
1 person found this helpful
These are not a good choice for a spray-type sprinkler system. I tried to use these to make futur...
These are not a good choice for a spray-type sprinkler system. I tried to use these to make future replacement of sprinkler valves easier, but I had the same experience as "Looie" described in his review. The threads are large and loose, and the union simply pops apart when there's any kind of surge of pressure (such as when one of the other valves in the same set turns off). These might work okay for a low pressure application (such as drip lines), but I don't recommend them for a spray-type sprinkler system which handles full residential water pressure. I now have to cut the pipes again and remount the valves using the normal PVC glue method. I am NOT a happy camper!
by Craigory
4 people found this helpful
Excellent product
Excellent product
by Josue
i worked as intended....
i worked as intended.
by HomeDepotCustomer
If one needs to make alterations in existing 3/4" irrigation piping, this slip joint helps make t...
If one needs to make alterations in existing 3/4" irrigation piping, this slip joint helps make that change possible. I was replacing a significant portion of an existing system damaged by sub-freezing weather, and slip joints were an effective way to replace those damaged portions.
by Lotuseater
This product works GREAT. I have used them multiple times and are easy to use and I have never h...
This product works GREAT. I have used them multiple times and are easy to use and I have never had them leak.
by PT
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 84 reviews