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Whether you’re looking to repair pipe issues, add pipe fittings to a new build or use it as part of a decorative project, The Home Depot has the pipes and fittings in the materials you need. You’ll find everything from industrial pipe and plumbing pipe to sewer pipe, as well as their fittings.

If you’re on a DIY mission, but not sure what type of pipe or fitting to purchase, consider taking a look at our helpful buying guides to find the right parts for your project:

Pipes Buying Guide & Pipe Fittings Buying Guide

Pipes & Applications

You’ll need to purchase pipes based on their application and material. Some projects and applications, like natural gas and restaurants for example, require specific natural gas pipe and pipe that allows for potable water. Find copper pipe, ABS pipe, stainless steel pipe, PEX pipe, HDPE pipe, CPCV pipe and black pipe, all in standard lengths and diameters for your project. Don’t forget accessories like pipe hangers and connection solvents to complete the job.

Pipe Fittings & Drainage

You’ll want to make sure that you get the right fittings to connect to your pipes to ensure a tight seal and connection. For the easiest seal, choose push-to-connect fittings like SharkBite. While not all fittings are push-to-connect, you’ll be able to find your fitting in all the right materials including stainless steel pipe fittings, copper fittings, PEX fittings and PVC fittings.

For drainage, make sure to keep the right items in mind depending on the type of drain you use. The Home Depot has everything to make sure you can get your French drain, channel drain or any other type installed properly. And if installing a drain isn’t something you’d like to tackle, let us install it for you through Home Depot Home Services.