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Rechargeable Thermal Imager

  • Rechargeable Thermal Imager views unseen hot and cold spots
  • Excellent resolution with over 10,000 pixels and 3 color pallets
  • Can save images for reporting with microSD card (sold separately)
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Product Overview

The Klein Tools TI250 is an easy-to-use, USB rechargeable Thermal Imager. The large LCD displays unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting. Excellent resolution with over 10,000 pixels and your choice of three color palettes. The meter provides high and low temperature points, crosshairs to pinpoint specific temperatures, and options for temperature alarms. The addition of a microSD Card (optional) allows the meter to capture and store images for reporting.
  • Thermal Imager has over 10,000 pixels to troubleshoot hot and cold spots
  • Adjustable emissivity from 0.10 to 0.99
  • Store and share images with optional microSD Card
  • User selectable high and low temperature alarms from -4 to 752-Degree Fahrenheit (-20 to 400-Degree Celsius)
  • Select color palettes to best capture the event
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Includes thermal imager, micro-USB charging cable, carrying case, and instructions

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  • California residents

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Product Depth (in.)
3.1 in
Product Height (in.)
3.1 in
Product Width (in.)
1 in


Batteries Included
Battery Power Type
Lithium Ion
Battery Size
Lithium Ion
Battery Type Required
Lithium Ion
Control Type
Display Type
Electrical Tools Features
Battery Powered,Data Hold,Data Log/Record,Handheld,Rechargable
Number of Batteries Required
Pack Size
Product Weight (lb.)
0.5370 lb
Test Meter Type
Specialty Meter/Tester
Tools Product Type

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Please refer to the attached warranty document in the Product Overview section above under Info & Guides

Questions & Answers


Is this camra can be used to find floor radiant heat , do anyone have pictures of floor heat made by klein camra ? Thank you

Asked by Paul April 27, 2021

The model # TI250 Thermal Imager can be used to find floor radiant heat.

How well would this work to spot out honey bee hot spots in buildings?

Asked by Backyardbees March 17, 2021

The TI250 Thermal Imager can be used to find hot spots caused by bees. How well it works will depend on how much heat the bees generate.

Does this work well for detecting in floor heat pipes?

Asked by Jim January 24, 2021

It will depend upon the temperature differential, if the heated floors are all the same temperature, then the pipes may not be visible. When you first turn on the system, the area where heating takes place should be easier to view.

can I use it to spot wildlife

Asked by justin December 17, 2020

Yes, the TI250 Thermal Imager will pick up the heat from people and animals, but is has a shorter range, approximately 20 ft.

What does the outdoor/ indoor temperature difference need to be for this to pick up an air leak?

Asked by Dsig November 12, 2020

It won't see the air but it will see what it touches, such as door frame, window sill. It will see cold spots in walls. It will also see your reflection in mirrors, windows, and shiny objects so don't get freaked out. I don't know about out/in temps but it can get down to about 4f between hot and cold on the display. It can see your footprints when you walk barefoot.

Can this identify a mouse nesting in a wall or ceiling? Thanks.

Asked by AJ October 19, 2020

Possibly...It would depend upon the amount of body heat the rodent was giving off as well as if it were directly in contact with sheetrock or paneling as well as how large and what material the nest was made from. It would probably detect it if in the process of building the nest....but no so likely if the nest is finished and there is little activity.

Hello I am looking for a Thermal Imager to troubleshoot PCBs, does this have enough resolution to...

Asked by member01 September 8, 2020

I don't have a working circuit board that I could power up to test out the imager. I used it on my computer transformer. See photo. I held the imager 5 inches from the transformer. The transformer is 2" X 3 1/2". I could go closer and still show a temperature difference but the entire transformer would not fit on the screen at one time. The temperature difference was 9 degress. Can go tighter then this. Has three ranges of temperature. And with a menory card (not included), you can take and store a picture of the screen.

what is the spot ratio and/or max distance it can read temp changes?

Asked by Roddo July 15, 2020

I'm not sure of the accuracy but I could scan my TV from 35 ft away and get the hot spots (temperature differences)

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This needs the correct MicroSD card to capture images
The Klein TI-250 Thermal Imager helps you find hot spots and observe temperatures. I have included some captured images. This is a great unit. The one issue I had is it would not record images onto my MicroSD card. I called their tech support, but they were clueless. Through experimentation, I found out which MicroSD cards would work and which did not work. These MicroSD cards worked: • 8GB, FAT32, Micro SDHC, (Class 4) • 8GB, FAT32, Micro SDHC-I, UHS-1 (Class 10) • 16GB, FAT32, Micro SDHC-I, UHS-1 (Class 10) • 32GB, FAT32, Micro SDHC-I, UHS-1 (Class 10) These MicroSD cards did NOT work: • 2 GB, FAT, MicroSD • 64GB, exFAT, Micro SDXC-I, UHS-1 (Class 10) • 128GB, exFAT, Micro SDXC-I, UHS-1 (Class 10)
by SteveG
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Klein Tools has done an amazing job designing this user friendly thermal imager at an affordable ...
Klein Tools has done an amazing job designing this user friendly thermal imager at an affordable price. This thermal imaging camera auto calibrates and comes with a nice protective case. Pros- Resolution is good- rechargeable battery with excellent run time- port cover to protect the ports, outstanding price. Cons- no internal memory- must by an sd card to save photos, would have loved a belt clip- instructions aren’t great, can be laggy when it calibrates. One note- another reviewer said you had to remove the SD card to get your images. This is not the case. Plug the thermal imager into a computers USB port and power up the thermal imager. The computer treats it as an sd card and you have access to your images.
by Shawn
Wonderful thermal imaging display. This screen is very easy to see and read. Instructions are c...
Wonderful thermal imaging display. This screen is very easy to see and read. Instructions are complete and easy to follow. This works great with energy wasting along windows and doors. It is easy to see temperature variations contained in pipes as well as free flowing outside conventional restrictions. This can read temperatures on surfaces - even hand prints left on freshly touched items.
by Ria
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A useful tool for thermal surveys, electrical troubleshooting (overheated components, connections...
A useful tool for thermal surveys, electrical troubleshooting (overheated components, connections and/or opened heating element segments) and HVAC work, Klein has provided a lot of functionality in a compact, impact resistant (to a degree) form factor. A few features could be added or improved to achieve a fifth star, but, for the most part (compared to other similar devices in this size) it should prove to be a good addition to the troubleshooting tool bag. Its high range limit of 752 degrees F will limit its usefulness somewhat for use by engine diagnosticians for exhaust system analysis. A zippered carry case (with lanyard) is supplied with the imager, along with a USB charging cable and a very abbreviated user manual. The manual’s illustrations are not in color and some of the items are difficult to read when outdoors in high light situations (not unanticipated conditions of use). The three-inch square by one-inch thick dimensions of the imager make it easy to fit into one’s pocket, though a belt holder rather than the supplied case would have been more logical for its intended use. The cushion grip covering around the periphery of the tool makes it easy to grip and will afford some degree of protection from physical damage. Provision is made for attaching a lanyard to the imager, but no lanyard is provided. The 2-1/4-inch (diagonal) TFT LCD screen exhibits sufficient resolution and color to provide useable images (see photos). On the top of the tool are “buttons” for on/off and camera mode (to save an image of the screen). There is no internal memory provided, which requires the use of a micro-SD card to use and access the “snapshot” and gallery features. It is necessary to remove the memory card to download images to your computer, as the charging cable does not provide a data path for download. This will pose more of an issue when used, for example, under arduous conditions on a construction site where fumbling with micro-SD cards may not rank on most folks top ten things we would like to do. The display image shows the temperature of the area centered on the center cursor, along with the maximum and minimum temperatures measured (along with markers to show those locations). Provision is made to adjust brightness, auto-power-off, emissivity, Hi-Lo temp alarms, color pallets and Fahrenheit/Centigrade degrees. Temperature accuracy (above 14 degrees F) is specified as + 3% or 3 degrees, whichever is greater, though that method of specifying is somewhat ambiguous. The integral Li-Ion battery is rechargeable using the provided cable and a full charge will take approximately 3 hours. The battery is not user replaceable. The charging port and the micro-SD card port are protected with a rubber “plug” to minimize moisture and dirt ingress. There is no provision for mounting to a mini-tripod or bracket to allow for comparison images that can be directly compared when measuring temperature rise (or fall) over time or panning around a room to create images to be stitched into a panoramic picture. Operating the controls may be a little difficult when wearing gloves (expected when working around energized equipment), but not impossible. All in all, Klein has packed a lot of functionality into a small package and only misses that fifth star by a hair.
by DonK
This is a review of the Klein Tools Rechargeable Thermal Imager. I had been using an imager that...
This is a review of the Klein Tools Rechargeable Thermal Imager. I had been using an imager that connected to my phone, but I like this better because it is much sturdier and I can keep it with my toolbox. I was a little surprised by the small display but got used to it. The range on it is pretty short, and it doesn't seem to react as fast as my other unit, but once I got used to it, it wasn't really a problem. I really like how easy it is to use though. Hit the power button and you are running in about 30 seconds. Much faster than what I was doing before. If you want to take save pictures, you will need to put an SD card in it. It saves the image as a .bmp file. I also really like that I can set the imager to an auto off mode, since I have a bad habit of leaving things on.
by Fernbark
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The Klein Tools Rechargeable Thermal Imager is a nice compact imager that seems to be rugged and ...
The Klein Tools Rechargeable Thermal Imager is a nice compact imager that seems to be rugged and sized for ease of handling. It has a quick rechargeable battery and comes with a zippered storage case. It has a lot of features you find in larger, more expensive imagers. The one thing it doesn't have is internal storage, so to capture an image, you need a memory card that is not included with the package. It seems to be accurate and is easy to use, quickly determining areas that are cooler or hotter than they should be.
by CDM
Klein Tools Thermal Imager. Unit has a rechargeable battery but you need a USB type port vs a dir...
Klein Tools Thermal Imager. Unit has a rechargeable battery but you need a USB type port vs a direct 120VAC connection. My computer and my computer charger both have USB power ports so not having a direct VAC connection is not an issue. At first the screen appears small but in use you can cover a lot of area. Comes with instructions and a nice carrying case. You can use this imager live or by adding a Micro SD card (not included), you can take and store photos. This feature makes it easy to transfer the information to another person. I used this unit on my electrical box and found no hot spots. When it gets cold I'll use it to check my insulation and window leakage. I aimed it at my dog to give you a sample of the display. Has a langard connection but a langard is not included. You can choose between 3 color paletts and has a wide temperage range. You can download the instructions off the Home Depot site or the Klein site.
by TJW777
I like my Klein thermal imager. I plan to use it to identify cold air leaks in a mountain home ar...
I like my Klein thermal imager. I plan to use it to identify cold air leaks in a mountain home around windows & outside doors, so I can seal those areas properly. The Klein TI250 fits the palm of your hand. The viewing screen is 2 inches wide and 1 ½ inches tall. There are 3 different color pallets that can be used to view temperature differences (ironbow, rainbow and gray). I was using the rainbow selection. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery is charged via a USB connection and may take up to 3 hours for the first full charge. The meter shows high and low temperatures points. If you purchase a microSD card it is possible to capture images of the viewed temperature images. The thermal imager has a handy case where it is possible to keep the instruction manual, charging cord and camera. The case is 4 ½ inches square and 1 ½ inches thick. I’ve wanted a thermal imager for a long time and the Klein TI250 is perfect for what I want to do. For sample pictures I used hot water in a bowl and several ice cubes, be sure to check these out.
by Chipmaker
Klien Rechargeable Thermal Imager is a monitor based device used as a diagnostic tool. It provides a small thermal image with a camera lens that is displayed on a cordless rechargeable monitor. The monitor / camera is about 3 1/4-inches square and 1-inch deep. The image display is 1 1/4-inches by 2-inches. It is a high resolution screen, has helpful options including saving image files on a microSD card that is not included. I have used the more common digital thermal tool guns and this is a step up with a visual display in color and the ability to save images. The feel using it is very much like a digital camera. It is powered by a standard computer USB connection. The case and everything can fit in a pants pocket. It is ruggedly built in a protective rubber-like, no slip, cushioned covering on the sides. It looks like it's designed for an adverse work environment. It has a primitive menu system, three buttons below the screen and two on the top, on/off and to snap a picture. I should add that taking a picture is simple, but is a two step process. First press the camera button and then press the right arrow button on the menu to save it to the miroSD card. The images are small, 225k in color, so you don't need a large capacity card. The thermal image goes behind drywall, through metal housings to record radiating temperature like reading pipe temperature, electrical cables or anything radiating heat within the unit's range of two feet and from -4 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit. I tested it out on my heating equipment and are some of the photo's from the heat flume and pipes. It has various settings including selectable high /low temperature alarms and selectable emissivity or heat radiation to pick-up . It is a simple tool, but you have to read the short instruction book carefully at first. Things are not that intuitive with only a few front menu buttons that serve multiple functions. It is clearly more capability than less expensive units if that is what you now are using. I can see it help in diagnosing problems on the job-site and other places.
by FXP1
The Klein Tools Rechargeable Thermal Imager is an amazing piece of high tec. First off, it does c...
The Klein Tools Rechargeable Thermal Imager is an amazing piece of high tec. First off, it does capture pictures of whatever you want, just push the camera button like you would with a camera. You do have to add your own micro sd card for it to capture a picture. I had a bunch of cards left over from old cell phones so I installed a 16GB card. Just pop it in. The uses are endless for finding hot/cold spots. I tracked down hot spots on my computer's motherboard to address. In my breaker panel I could see what breakers were pulling power. I also could see my hot water pipes with ease even behind the drywall. It works best within a foot or so for an accurate temp reading, but can see 50+ feet, then you get closer to get detail of the heat signature. Line up the marks on the screen to the exact spot you want the temp of, get with in about 10 inches and you will get a pretty accurate temp read out. The battery lasts a long time, played with it for 30 min and it was showing a full charge. It takes about 15 seconds to boot up when you turn it on. If you move it around to fast looking for heat, it will have to catch up, the screen will freeze until it re-calibrates, but only for a second or two. What I wish it had, is a laser pointer so I could point the light at a spot then look at the screen. Like a Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun. Small, light and easy to use. Sweet!
by JB
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