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Whatever project you are working on – replacing a wall switch, adding a ground fault interrupter (GFCI) switch in a kitchen or bathroom, or installing a new ceiling fan – our wide selection of electrical tools and accessories can get the job done quickly and correctly.

Electrical Tools to Power Your Project

Our new electrical tools can help you do a lot more with less. Electrical tools are designed to help protect you against electric shock while allowing you to work faster and make better, more secure connections. If you have several electrical projects around your home, a good set of basic electrical tools is a sound, cost-effective investment that can make your electrical jobs easier and safer.

Our multimeters, wire strippers, wire crimps, heat shrink tubing and butt connectors will help you finish the job the right way. We also carry electrical testers and conduit benders. Wire strippers are similar to wire cutters but have a center notch, which makes it easier to cut and strip various gauges of wire insulation without cutting the wire itself. Wire strippers make stripping insulation from wire and cutting wire faster.

Electrical testers and meters are diagnostic tools that let you test different wire connect types so you will know if the wires you are working on are hot, if an electrical device is functioning, and if a receptacle is wired properly. There are several meter types, but a multimeter is great because it can perform several functions in one unit. One multimeter can take the place of a voltmeter, which measures voltage; an ammeter, which measures current; and an ohmmeter, which measures resistance.

National Electrical Code Changes

The 2020 National Electric Code (NEC) includes requirement updates in four significant areas: surge protection, GFCI protection, firemen’s disconnect and solar power. In order to provide the best, safest work possible, be sure to familiarize yourself with the official NEC codes in your state.

Overview of 2020 NEC Changes:

• GFCI protection required for 125–250V receptacles within 6 feet of sinks

• Surge protection required for lines feeding dwelling units

• Emergency disconnects required for all one- and two-family dwelling units

• Solar panels (California directive) required to have outdoor emergency disconnect

Let Us Show You How

If you need guidance with your wire tools, we can help you through the process. Our Electrical Tools Buying Guide explains which tools to use for safe install of common electrical fixtures. Learn which meter works best for your project needs with our Electrical Test Meters How-to-Guide.

We can also show you how to run electrical wire behind your walls, and how to safely install a circuit breaker. Look no further than us to make your jobs easier and more efficient with our state-of-the-art electrical tools.