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Brown 42 in. Outdoor Decorative Column

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This decorative 42 in. tall by 24 in. square column has a very natural, stacked stone appeal that is easily assembled by a do-it-yourselfer. The 6 in. x 16 in. decorative blocks require no mortar and the kit includes a naturally textured 26 in. top cap to finish the column.
  • No cutting needed
  • Column can be put together in minutes
  • Perfect for fence posts, entries, courtyards, mailboxes, deck supports and more
  • An interior 8 in. x 8 in. pocket can allow for beams, conduits, hoses, etc
  • Samples are available to purchase through manufacturer by calling 888-379-2210



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Questions & Answers


To build a column higher than 42” do I have to buy a whole second kit, or can I get 8-12 other pieces separately? Thanks

Asked by Bruce October 7, 2018

Please contact Natural Concrete Products at 888-379-2210 and they will assist you in ordering the extra units you need for your project. Thank you!

I would like to add a mailbox and a light, how would I go about doing so with this system?

Asked by ella February 8, 2018

Howdy Ella, You would need to drill holes to run electricity and use a diamond blade with circular saw to cut out stone for mailbox. Any handyman worth his salt should be able to do this. happy building, Coach Dave

Are the stone pieces loose, or is the column intact as shown?

Asked by Desv01 March 13, 2017

The blocks are individual pieces that are 6" tall by 16" wide with decorative faces on them. The 42" column includes 28 of these units that will need to be stacked and glued together to build the column. Thank you!

Dimensions don't seem to add up

Asked by bill July 4, 2016

The block units are actually 16" wide x 6" tall x 8" deep so it will make a 24"x24" column. The item description is inaccurate so thank you for pointing this out and we will get it changed. If you would like to extend the height of the columns please call the company directly to assist in a solution, 888-379-2210. Thank you!

What is the total weight? Warranty?

Asked by jamo April 23, 2017

The unit weights approximately 1650 lbs in all and there is a one year limited warranty on the craftsmanship of the concrete block units. Keep in mind these units are solid concrete blocks made in a process that gives very decorative and multi colored looks to them. Thank you!

Can I stack another half of the column on top of the first to make a height of around 6 feet.?

Asked by Efren July 27, 2015

Using Natural Concrete Products (NCP) standard corner block 24”x24” decorative columns can be constructed. Like NCP retaining walls, columns less than four feet high can be stacked without mortar, placed on 6” granular leveling pads, and do not require footings below frost. Generally, columns should have a minimum of one course of units (six inches) buried below grade. NCP columns do not require a setback. While NCP columns make excellent decorative landscape fixtures, they should not be used to support loads or exceed four feet in height without structural reinforcement designed by a qualified engineer. NCP recommends adhering each unit to the unit below with a SRW adhesive or like product. Do not use rigid adhesive or mortars for NCP columns on flexible granular pads, they will shift slightly causing rigid adhesives to fail. Columns can be built taller than four-feet-high but a taller column requires a structural footing below frost, and tied to concrete and steel reinforcement within the column. The center hole of the column provides a space in which steel-reinforced concrete can be placed. Column units may require temporary bracing during placement of concrete within the column until the concrete sets. A qualified professional Civil Engineer should provide a design for columns over four feet high. NCP recommends capping the decorative columns with our 26”x26” column cap. The column cap should be adhered to the column blocks following the guidelines above allowing a roughly 1” overhang around each side of the decorative column. Please dont hesitate to phone 888-379-2210 should you have any further questions. Thank you for your question.

I have 2, 24" square concrete drive entry columns now that need to be stone veneered. Are there l...

Asked by Ray November 25, 2018

We don't have any caps larger than 26"x26". A solution may be to use our 20"x20" caps and modify the sizes to fit. If you have questions or need assistance feel free to call Natural Concrete Products at 888-379-2210. Thank you!

Can the top be drilled for a lamp to be added? Also is the column hollow? How is it fastened to t...

Asked by Jim October 2, 2019

It's not recommended drilling the top for a lamp to be added.

Can the first course be leveled at grade and stacked or is a poured foundation required? I live i...

Asked by Mel May 13, 2017

They are designed to be stacked on a compacted sub base so a poured foundation is not required. Thank you!

How many columns come in a pallet?

Asked by Cat October 16, 2019

There is one column unit per pallet and each unit contains 28 two sided corner blocks and one column cap.

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There are only 3 different blocks and I got 14...
There are only 3 different blocks and I got 14 one just one style. There are no instructions or tips, which would have been useful. The base you create must be flat and level. Use a level on the inside to keep things straight and vertical as you assemble. Use mortar repair tube for joints.
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Love it!!
Great product!! I installed two 42 inch columns at the end of my driveway. I did all the work alone, heavy lifting so you should get someone to help. Dig a hole for the foundation and then just arrange as if you were playing Jenga. Saved me thousands versus getting a contractor. Looks terricic.
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Miami, Florida
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This product is general high quality, but some parts do not align with each other and takes a bit of work to install
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