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2-Zone In-Ground 1/2 in. Sprinkler System with Hose Faucet Timer

  • Everything you need in a 2 zone sprinkler system
  • Blu-Lock sprinkler system fittings for a fast and easy install
  • Sprinkler system will water your lawn automatically
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Product Overview

Enjoy the convenience of an in-ground sprinkler system without the hassle of connecting to an in-ground water source. The patented Blu-Lock system uses a revolutionary stainless steel retaining ring that grips the flexible pipe from the outside permitting a quick, easy-to-slide-on fitting which installs 80% faster and is 25% stronger than traditional barb fittings, providing you a stronger system in less install time. Install 2 zones with the 12 pop-up gear drive sprinkler heads, which are easy to adjust with the water on or off, providing head-to-head coverage to ensure against dry spots. The digital timer offers oversized features for ease of use, a manual override option to allow watering flexibility while keeping programming intact, and heavy-duty weatherproof construction. Attach the dual outlet digital timer to your outside faucet, to control 2 sprinkler zones, and enjoy a fully programmed sprinkler system in minutes for a well-maintained yard all season long.
  • Everything you need: kit contains 12 high-efficiency sprinklers for two separate zones, Blu-Lock tubing and fittings, tubing cutter, 200 lb. pressure gauge, and digital timer
  • Dual zones: ideal for two small to medium area coverages with average residential water pressure and flow
  • Fast and easy installation: Blu-Lock has reduced required insertion force by half of traditional barb fittings, making installations faster and easier on your hands
  • Push-on quick-release fittings: Blu-Lock quick-release collars allow for easy removal, yet the stronger the water pressure, the more the retaining rings grip the pipe to ensure against leaks
  • Environmentally Friendly: Blu-Lock requires no glue or plumbers tape, protecting the environment from harmful chemicals used with traditional PVC fittings
  • Conserve water: the timer features rain delay so you aren’t watering in the rain
  • Flexible programming: a run time of 1-240 minutes, with intervals from every 6 hours to once every 7 days
  • Adjustable distance: easy to adjust area coverage for each sprinkler with average residential water pressure and flow
  • Part or full circle: simple adjustment from 40° to 360° while the water is on or off
  • Tools included: test water pressure before installation with the included 200 lb. pressure gauge to ensure system compatibility; the Orbit tubing cutter is easy on the hands, and makes installation a snap
  • Automatic drainage: sprinkler lines purge when water is turned off to prevent damage due to freezing
  • For outdoor use and cold water only
  • For irrigation applications only

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Questions & Answers


Does this system require a RPZ like normal irrigation system? How do I protect water supply?

Asked by DT May 4, 2021

Most home construction with outside hose bib's have Hose Bib Anti Siphon valves by code for anything that's connected to the hose bib. If one is not installed it's certainly a good precaution.

Can this system connect to a traditional pvc underground system?

Asked by Theantidolphin April 17, 2021

I believe it would simply be a matter of connecting your existing system to the new one using a fitting similar to the one depicted in the attached picture. Your existing system, I presume, would have a standard plumbing fitting to attach to the 3/4" MPT side, the Orbit system would attach to the Blu-Lock side like all their other fittings.

How many heads per line and why?

Asked by Gr April 11, 2021

It is as many as you want.... generally down to water pressure/supply but no more than 6 per line

orbit half inch sprinkler system

Asked by ciaran March 28, 2021

Your question is not answerable as presented.A picture of the Orbit kit accompanies this e-mail and shows all the parts that are included. It would be helpful if you could identify which fitting you need from that picture. Otherwise I can only guess which part you need. When you say 1/2 inch hose connector fitting leads me to think maybe you want a fitting that will allow you to screw your hose directly to one of the zone fittings instead of using the timer. Yet 2 of those fittings are included in the kit. Is one broken? Other fittings include the underground fittings of 90 degree elbows, unions and drain fittings. For these it should be noted, the tubing is not a true 1/2 diameter. Perhaps if I could understand precisely what you want to change or repair, I might have a better idea of how to direct you. I would also suggest, if you have the owners manual to possibly identify the part you need from the manual. Finally, it may be necessary to contact Orbit directly. Contact information for Orbit is available in the manual and they're customer service is fabulous. Another possibility would be to take your broken or defective part to your local Home Depot store to see if they can match a part from their stock.

Total square foot coverage- I understand there are flow and pressure factors. Under good conditio...

Asked by DonR January 11, 2021

I'm not a great mathematician but I can see you've over thought this (nothing personal). There is a formula for determining square footage in a radius but unfortunately it doesn't apply here very well. The first reason is that Orbit recommends that you lay out your system so that each head overlaps each corresponding head to the next location. Incidentally, each head can be adjusted to a full 360 degree radius. This sounds like you might be watering each spot twice as much. However, when you look at the diagram of a layout plan, gives a much better idea of why it's laid out this way. When trying to lay out the heads so each just reaches to the next, there will always be a bare spot that doesn't get water at all at the center of the square. And this all has to do with the radius (or sweep). For instance, if I have (for example) a 60 x 60 square (360 sq ft) and 4 heads, each spraying about 25ft, (think this is where you got the 25 from), I will overlap the corresponding heads which each would be adjusted for a 180 degree sweep (corner to corner). However, I will end up without water at the center, of approximately 10 ft radius. I would need a fifth head in the center to spray 360 degree's to cover what the corner heads missed. Keep in mind that a head spraying a 360 ft radius will take about twice as long to rotate so I will still only apply about 1/4 as much water as a head spraying 180 degrees because my 180 heads are providing twice as much at any point that overlaps while only rotating 1/2 as far. All of this is contingent on the actual size of the area you have, your water pressure and any obstacles. This is why a plan is imperative and water pressure optimal. I am providing you 2 sites to help. One is the formula for calculating radius (into sq ft) and the other is from Orbit on planning and laying out your system for best performance and results. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/convert-diameter-square-footage-8735.html https://www.orbitonline.com/how-to-layout-an-underground-irrigation-system/

Can I put more than 6 heads on a zone? How long can a zone be? 150ft?

Asked by MAXBAX December 7, 2020

It all depends on your water pressure. I used three heads per Zone and had adequate pressure. I doubt more than three would have given me enough pressure, possibly starting the water at the center of a zone and going outward may help with going up to 6 heads.

How deep in the ground should the tubing be placed?

Asked by Golfman November 4, 2020

I rented a small trencher from my local Ace Hardware. 8” deep is required for the sprinkler heads.

What is the minimum operating water pressure?

Asked by Jack September 30, 2020

Minimum operating pressure is 25 PSI per zone or 6 heads. Optimum operating pressure is 35 PSI

Do you leave this connected to spigot outside during freezing temperatures or disconnect and brin...

Asked by suzanne September 27, 2020

NO. Disconnect hoses, remove the timer and drain any water and remove the batteries. Underground lines should be blown out with compressed air and an environmentally safe anti freeze should be poured into the system. Essentially this system needs to winterized the same as any professionally installed system to avoid deep freeze which could result in broken heads and tubing connections.

Can the Orbit in-ground sprinkler system be moved from outdoor water faucet to ground pump?

Asked by BENJAMIN September 19, 2020

Yes. If this ground pump is also responsible for potable water, you should install an appropriate back flow prevention valve.

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I mimicked something I did at a prior address where I installed a similar Rain Bird kit and used a four spigot timer where three spigots were used for sprinkler lines each with 3 sprinklers and the fourth was used for manual watering. With this set-up, each sprinkler line gets all the water pressure (64psi) rather than splitting it between two lines with a total of 6 sprinklers. At the prior address, the sprinklers sprayed far beyond what the manufacturer had listed, but with the Orbit kit, the sprinklers barely rose. I swapped out the orbit sprinklers that came with the kit with Hunter DCJ sprinklers because the Hunter sprinklers have a softer spring and this change made the difference and the system is now working, however still no where near as well as the other system I had installed. In total, I have 1 line in the front yard and 3 in the back, one of which uses standard black ½ inch tubing and the standard beige connectors. The line with the black tubing is working far better than the orbit lines even though the black line incorporates a main line with 3 branches to allow for a more “custom” placement of sprinklers. I also found that the connectors that come with the Orbit kit do not allow for much variation from the recommended U-shaped pattern, so if you have plants/trees, or something like a shed in the yard, you can’t really modify the kit for maximum watering efficiency without purchasing the different connectors you need. All in all, I would say either get the Rain Bird kit or build your own using the standard black ½ inch tubing.
by Velocityboy
Response from OrbitIrrigationNov 4, 2020
Thanks for bringing to our attention. I'll be glad to share your feedback with our product team. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. Best, Orbit Care Escalation Lead OrbitIrrigation
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Orbit complete 2-zone sprinkler system
my system did not come with the tubing cutter. I had to go back to the homedepot to purchase another one for 10 bucks. which is a real bummer. I will update the review once the system is fully installed, and working.
by Junebug
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Easy to install system! But I did change out the sprinkler heads to a traditional adjustable fan ...
Easy to install system! But I did change out the sprinkler heads to a traditional adjustable fan spray. The ones it came with would be good for large yards.
by Mrn
If you are looking for a something quick and small, this is a good fit. I have installed it for t...
If you are looking for a something quick and small, this is a good fit. I have installed it for the front and backyard and i would say am little disappointed primarily with the popups. Good: This is a wonderful kit with all the stuff you need to setup a sprinkler system. The 2 zone kit is good enough for most houses. The fact that the popup sprinklers have an easy way to reduce the area of coverage. Bad: The instructions Ugly: The popup sprinklers. I tried to increase the volume of the water by following the instructions to open up the nozzle. But the red "bottle neck" pops out quite easily and we have to end up searching for it later on. Overall its a good buy and would recommend for any DIYer to install a sprinkler system for a home with no more than 8000sft of yard. Anything more than that, this might not be enough
by Spycee
This is a great system! The only tools you needed are basically included in kit. The hardest part...
This is a great system! The only tools you needed are basically included in kit. The hardest part to installing system is digging the 8” deep trench needed. I used a spade shovel to brake the ground 8-10” deep and pushed ground back and forth away from spade. If I would have hired a trench digger, installation couldn’t be easier. Once I laid out where sprinklers I needed, and dug trench, I just pushed 1/2” water line to the bottom of trench. I dug a hole about 5” diameter, 8” deep, to set the sprinkler heads. Connections are made by simply cutting water line (with the included tubing cutters) and push line into fittings. Nothing to tighten and they don’t leak! To adjust sprinkler heads spray pattern, I suggest adjusting them as close as possible before installing, but they are easy to change after installed. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ADJUSTMENT IS MADE FROM THE RIGHT STOP (ROTATED CLOCKWISE). The left stop, or rotation counter-clockwise is adjusted between 40 to 180 degrees of rotation. Read instructions carefully and when you understand how adjustment is made, it is easy to do. All you need is a flat head screwdriver. Once lines are connected to sprinkler heads, they are connected to the included 2 Zone timer with (included) normal garden hose fittings. Timer simply screws on to outside water faucet. AA batteries are not included and must be installed before setting timer. Read instructions for timer and you will find it couldn’t be easier. Timer can be set for 1 or 2 zones. Timer can be set to water every 6 hrs. or 12 hrs. or daily etc. I tested system and made sure there were no leaks before closing trench. I had zero leaks! I really like the sprinkler head popping up and rotating in the pattern you select with a spray that is only about 2-3 feet off he ground level. My water pressure was measured at 58 PSI, with the included pressure gage, and my spray reached 18-20 feet out. My back yard is about 80ft x 100ft and I only needed 8 of the 12 sprinkler heads included. I used to water yard and vegetable gardens.This is an incredible system for a reasonable price point that most homeowners can afford.
by Bob
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This is a great and complete set of sprinkler system with mechanical timer. It has long enough pi...
This is a great and complete set of sprinkler system with mechanical timer. It has long enough pipes and popups to cover my front and backyards. I wish they had detailed instructions on the DIY installation too, because that is what i am, a DIYer. Again that's not a big dealbreaker but nice to have. You might still want to buy some connectors and intersectors etc depending on where you want to have this installed like flower beds or vegetable beds combining a drip irrigation etc. But if you just need the popup sprinklers this is good enough
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Excellent sprinkler system for the do it yourselfer. Includes everything you need to irrigate a g...
Excellent sprinkler system for the do it yourselfer. Includes everything you need to irrigate a good sized yard including all the piping and connectors. The fittings are a type of push to connect which is easier and faster than traditional barb type.Included pvc piping and fittings allow plenty of options to run separate lines and adjustable sprinkler heads cover most areas in my front and side yards.The system allows for easy set up and testing before actually digging trench. Simply lay out line and sprinklers to maximize coverage and adjust to your yard. Timer is intuitive and easy to use. Included pvc cutter and pressure gauge included to maximize ease of installation. Very home owner friendly kit with everything you nead to eliminate dragging the sprinkler around.
by Fredho
Its nice to find the kit all put together since it takes the guess work out of what is really nee...
Its nice to find the kit all put together since it takes the guess work out of what is really needed or coming home short. I priced the components separately and found it to be a good deal. Besides the timer is of better quality than was available locally, and since I am running off a well and don't want to waste water its a necessity that I have one that's easily delayed and has several programming options. everything is simple to install, the tubing is much easier to work with when its out in the sun, when it was colder out I found it quite difficult to lay flat and work with. Fittings are a simple push on fit , the digging is the most time consuming. If you have a well like I do , you may require more sprinklers as my pressure allows for less of a coverage area,the kit comes with a pressure tester to check that.
by mbhnwct
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The Orbit kit is easy to install and operate. Operation of controller is a piece of cake. However...
The Orbit kit is easy to install and operate. Operation of controller is a piece of cake. However; at 65 psi on six sprinkler heads, the coverage and especially distance of each nozzle is dismal. The sprinklers barely rose or do not work at all. After 2 weeks of use the sprinklers were not popping up anymore. So, I have to take off one of the sprinkler heads to make the system work back again, right now I have 5 sprinkler heads barely rosing to each other very disappointed. My front yard is about 40'x15'. this system should be more than adequate. My advice would be to have a professional system installed and be done with it. Do not recommend. Good luck finding more hose or connectors if you need them. Customer Service does not exist.
by 1010190
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 94 reviews