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26-Watt (250-Watt Equivalent) PAR38 Night Chaser LED Flood Light Bulb in 3000K Bright White Color Temperature (1-Pack)

  • Brighter glow that's good to use as security and outdoor lighting
  • Energy efficient bulbs, good for the environment
  • Long-lasting - can last up to 22-years
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Product Overview

The LED Night Chaser PAR38 Flood Light Bulb uses only 26-Watt and produces 2600 Lumens, which is sure to give your space a bright white illumination. An ideal equivalent for replacing a 250-Watt incandescent light bulb, its medium-sized base will easily fit any standard lighting fixture. It also has a magnificent color temperature of 3000K, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. With a long life span of 25,000 hours, there is no need to ever worry about spending anything on replacements or maintenance costs. As a global leader and full-spectrum provider of professional, state-of-the-art, and luminaire LED lighting solutions, all of Sylvania’s products focus on catering to the changing moods and needs of their customers.
  • Produces up to 2600 Lumens, which will give your space a bright, sunny white light
  • Uses 26-Watt, which is equivalent to a 250-Watt standard incandescent light bulb
  • Creates a radiant glow that is perfect to use as super bright outdoor LED floodlights
  • Has a color temperature of 3000K bright white
  • Can last you up to 22-years
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $3.13 (based on 3-hours/day, 11/kWh, cost depends on rate and use)
  • Energy Star
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Bulb Diameter (In.)
Product Depth (in.)
4.875 in
Product Height (in.)
9 in
Product Width (in.)
6.5 in


Actual Color Temperature (K)
Actual Color Temperature (K)
Average Life (hours)
Bulb Construction
Bulb Shape
Bulb Type
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Color Temperature
Bright White
Fixture Color/Finish
Light Bulb Base Code
Light Bulb Base Type
Light Bulb Features
Dimmable,Energy Saving
Light Bulb Shape Code
Lighting Technology
Lumens (Brightness)
Number of Bulbs Included
Wattage (Watts)
Wattage Equivalence
250 Watts

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
5 Year

Questions & Answers


Is this a Motion Light?

Asked by Sunny May 13, 2021


What dimmer switch would be compatible with this bulb (there would be two in one fixture linked t...

Asked by Kim November 16, 2019

I currently use 4 of these Soft White LED Night Chaser flood light bulbs on two flood light fixtures at the rear of my house controlled by one switch. I don't use a dimmer but I do know that these bulbs are compatible with the wired Intermatic brand timer I now have after switching out with the old manual switch. Also if your interested in this built in timer in place of a manual switch or dimmer, you may want to also consider this option. I ordered four of the Intermatic brand built in timers from Home Depot about three years ago for about $35.00 each to use for all of my exterior light fixtures. These timers have a built in time/function display and can be programmed to come on and off at different and multiple times per day or just programmed to come on at dusk and go of at dawn with the day light savings time feature built in and you can also override the programing any time by manually using the push button tab under the display. These timers also come with a battery that has lasted me over 3 years so far, the purpose of the battery is for the display and programming so if you have any power outages you won't have to worry about resetting the clock or programming. I just wanted to also mention these timers because I have mine set to come on at dusk and go off at dawn and I love them, you can program them and not have to worry about turning your exterior light fixtures on or off again.

What are one or two of the best receptacles to use with this bulb? I have to purchase a new one ...

Asked by Nance September 27, 2019

Please check with your local store on fixture recommendations.

What are the available beam angles.

Asked by Beacon February 25, 2019

GE makes these in 40, 25 and 15 degrees. HD only sells 40. I have 15 degrees bulbs pointing out to the fields behind my house, does an excellent job 300-400 feet out can see deer. I found them at a couple online places. Highly recommend, I have 4 going all night for 2 years, I failures yet.

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Got this with a couple indoor locations in mind where I wanted a lot of light. The light it gives...
Got this with a couple indoor locations in mind where I wanted a lot of light. The light it gives off is a nice combination of very bright yet just enough warmth to be pleasing. The specs on this say it covers a 40-degree area, and by golly, that's what it does. It pretty much shoots the light straight down into a very compact area. It's very bright, but it doesn't spread out much, so keep that in mind if you get one. I was hoping to use it in a recessed fixture in my upstairs bathroom, but it's too directional for that situation. The way the website shows the light being used, over an entryway, is probably just about right for this bulb. The bulb is quite heavy, much heavier than any normal incandescent flood you're used to, & heavier than any LED I've had, too. Also, the bulb does get pretty hot, only had it on for about 5 minutes. So I ended up trying it in a flood light fixture I had on an 11 ft. pole outside. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bright as I expected it to be...while the light may have been a little more intense in it's 40 degree path, the overall effect was not any brighter than a normal flood light, as you can see in my pictures. So I guess I'm a little disappointed in this bulb, & think it's only worth it if you have the perfect situation for it.
by 2HipDude
2 people found this helpful
This thing is the brightest yet. And efficient, too. I thought I had the brightest LED flood lig...
This thing is the brightest yet. And efficient, too. I thought I had the brightest LED flood light bulbs in my motion sensor outdoor flood lights until this bulb came along. It way brighter and only uses just a little more electricity. LED bulb technology has come a long way. The bulb I replaced used 20 watts and put out 1035 lumens of bright light. This bulb only uses 5 watts more but puts out a whopping 2650 lumens of super bright light. More than double the light output for only 5 watts more in energy use. This is using the numbers printed on each bulb, if you can believe those numbers anyways. The bulb is heavy and sturdy and seems to be made of metal with a plastic lense. It is hefty. Although it's made in China for Sylvania, it seems well constructed, but I can not tell how long it will really last. All these LED bulbs say they will last for many years, and I have had some burn out in now time. The internal electronics do not last on some. Time will tell, but this is super bright bulb.
by Dave1
Bulb did exactly what I wanted it today. Much light...
Bulb did exactly what I wanted it today. Much light on back yard for minimal energy.
Great light, saving energy!...
Great light, saving energy!
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Warranty not honored
do not buy sylvania led bulbs. had one that burnt out and called the warranty service line, was told to produce receipt or they will not warranty it. product itself is less than 3 years old and used sparingly (its supposed to last something like 25k hours) and after all the run arounds and hassles, the warranty wasn't honored. buy a product that stands by their warranty and not out to give u hassles when seeking a warranty claim.
by Zvi
Instant on and great light output.
Instant on and great light output.
by Lamplighter
Bulb detached from base when screwing it in. Poor...
Bulb detached from base when screwing it in. Poor quality item. I expect better from Sylvania
by BSW
Very bright. Good price at the time. Purchased (11/22/20) for $16.11 online and checked the price...
Very bright. Good price at the time. Purchased (11/22/20) for $16.11 online and checked the price today(12/17/20) and it is $25.33. What's up with that almost a $10 increase in less than a month?
by Patriot
I bought these powerful outdoor floodlight bulbs to replace the...
I bought these powerful outdoor floodlight bulbs to replace the failed halogen bulbs in the outdoor fixtures that illuminate my backyard. I was slightly worried they might be *too* bright or harsh, but that's definitely not the case; so I guess I'm glad I spent the extra for these 250W equivalent bulbs. And they were a better bargain that some other brands with similar specifications, so I recommend them.
by HiRezNut
Showing 1-10 of 52 reviews