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14.5 lb. 5,000 sq. ft. Spring and Fall Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer

  • Up to 4 months of crabgrass prevention
  • Contains time-released nitrogen for extended feeding
  • Greener grass in 72 hours
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Product Details

Broadcast Spreader
NPK Ratio 30-0-4
Feeds up to 4 months
Fall, Spring
Lawn Fertilizer Buying Guide
Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer prevents crabgrass for up to 4 months. The non-staining formula contains time-released nitrogen for extended feeding. Greening in 72 hours, Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer works the first time or your money back. It can be applied in spring and fall, and covers 5,000 sq. ft.

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Questions & Answers

Q:Can i used this around my flowers without damaging the flowers?
by|Mar 27, 2018
1 Answer
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A:  Thank you for inquiring about Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer. This product is not meant to be applied on or around ornamental plants, including flowers. We recommend keeping this product 24 inches away from any ornamental plants. If you have any further questions or would like further assistance, please contact us at 877-220-3089 and one of our representatives would be glad to assist you.

by|Apr 28, 2019
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    Q:I can't find any directions on the bag about whether to apply when the lawn is wet or dry, and wh...
    by|Feb 21, 2017
    2 Answers
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    A:  I used this Vigoro crabgrass preventer and lawn fertilized for many years until my local Home Depot store stopped carrying the large bag that would cover 15,000 sq. ft. This larger bag continued to be offered by Home Depot stores in nearby cities, but I just did not want to make the drive. This product worked very well and was the only treatment I applied to my lawn all year long. I would occasionally have to spot spray weed killer on the occasional dandelion/weed throughout the summer season. I would apply the product in late March to early April after the ground temperature rose above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a pre-emergent so you must apply it before crabgrass and weeds sprout. Once sprouted, this product will not kill them. The back of the bag use to have recommended application instructions. However, I always put it down once the ground warmed up, weeks before the first grass cutting, and regardless of whether rain was predicted in the near future or not. My results were always fantastic. The grass was so thick and long I could barely push the lawn mower through it. The grass remained like this for the next eight to twelve weeks if weekly rains were received. The grass growth would eventually slow down as the air temperature became hotter and rain more scarce. With regards to your question regarding a Vigoro website, I also have never found one. After I did more research it appears to be just a product brand name owned by Home Depot. I assume they contract out to manufactures to produce the various products they sell under this name.

    by|Apr 28, 2019
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    A:  I found on another website that says to water it in. I also had the same problem finding out

    by|Apr 28, 2019
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      Q:Does this contain the same ingredient as dimension or barricade to prvent crabgrass
      by|Jan 18, 2017
      1 Answer
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      A:  I am not familiar with the two brands you mention in your question. However, I have used Vigoro for years and it has done a superb job of preventing crabgrass in my lawn all season.

      by|Jan 20, 2017
      Q:What color is the Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer supposed to be?
      by|Apr 6, 2016
      1 Answer
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      A:  i bought it on 3/28/2018 it was painted yellow so it was easy to see we're you already had added

      by|May 5, 2023
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        Burn marks everwhere
        Did exactly what instructions said. Have burn marks everywhere in the grass. Called company they told me to keep watering it should go away. Grass is dead everywhere there are burn marks. Now I need to dig up and replace a whole bunch of grass. A lot of extra work. Should have stayed with Scott's. Does not produce a deep green as Scott's very disappointed. And I don't own any animals urinating in the yard to cause this. Hopefully they won't take down this post.
        • DIY
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        Works awesome
        In 4 weeks lawn looks great. Had 3 compliments this week alone on how green lawn was. Still some crabgrass coming through but probably cause I put it out too late.
          • Recommended
          First time user
          Having moved away from Scotts I did exactly as the instructions said. My experience was like another's who instead saw little effect and a return of crabgrass. What startled me Is that i aerated in the fall like I always do and figured this would be a great way for it to start off the season with new product. It's strange even for me to write and say it seems like it made my crabgrass emerge stronger as if I FED it growth food? I won't let one bad experience sway me.' I just need to find out why it happened. I used the fertilizer last year and it was amazing!
            Crabgrass Preventer and lawn Fertilizer
            Product works as described. This is the second year I have bought this product.
            • Verified Purchase
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            great value
            I used this early in march. within two days my lawn was much greener and I have not seen any signs of crabgrass. it worked better than the leading brand and costs much less.
            • DIY
            • Recommended
            Lawn looks plush, but doesn't kill weeds.
            Well I bought this to try and move away from Scotts, which I apply ever year. I just didn't think Scott's was all that great as a pre emergent Crabgrass preventer, so I thought to give this a try. My initial impressions of it were so so. The granules are pretty big which makes application pretty easy but if you look closely, there was also a lot of "Junk" in the bag. I am assuming it is filler. There were a lot of small stones, almost looked like masonry stone. I thought it was all fertilizer, so I took a small scoop and placed it in a cup of water to see what dissolved and what was left behind was the stone. That was something I was a bit disappointed about, but I am assuming they did that to prevent clumping. Anyways, I applied it in early March. By then, the snow had melted and the ground was thawed out. Upon first look of my lawn, everything was pretty much dead except for the grass. Crabgrass, chickweed, cloves, etc were non existent. So now I had a good baseline. I applied this down and just let it go. Checking on it again today, I'm not impressed with the results. Patches of areas that were just crabgrass are just starting to sprout again, as well as the other broadleaf weeds. I am going to apply another application and see how that goes, but I am going to assume $20 was wasted. I still want to try different brands to see which ones are better, but I know for next growing season, I won't be buying Vigoro products. Live and learn.
            • DIY
            7 found this review helpful
            An Excellent Product for crabgrass and weed control.
            I have used Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer Lawn Fertilizer for the last nine years and have been exceptionally pleased with it. I was somewhat disappointed this year to find only the 5,000 square foot bags available. I only treat my lawn once a year and it is with this product. After some trial and error I found that for the best results (southwest Ohio) I need to apply it a few days after the ground has thawed and before the weeds begin to sprout. Do not wait until after the first grass cutting to apply. From then you only need to spot treat the occasional weed throughout the summer. On application, I even cut back the recommended drop spreader setting of seven and a half to seven to get extended coverage and it still provides excellent results; an outstanding product.
            • DIY
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