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Customer Reviews for Keurig K-Select Matte Black Single Serve Coffee Maker with Automatic Shut-Off

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  • Combines sleek design & simple button controls
  • Strong Brew button increases coffee's strength and intensity
  • Quiet Brew Technology feature minimizes noise during use

Customer Reviews

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    out of 1,234 reviews
  • 78% recommend this product
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Perfect Keurig!
Ordered this about three weeks ago and my mom and I have been enjoying it immensely. It’s easy to clean and use. The cup sizes it offers are perfect for us, as we average 6 to 10 ounces in the morning and afternoon. It’s a gorgeous pale-blue pearlescent color that compliments our house beautifully. The size, though our countertop is not huge, fits our kitchen corner perfectly. It’s not too loud while brewing (nor too quiet, really, as we actually like the sound of a coffee machine heating up and brewing.) Heating time doesn’t take long at all. We ran into a small mishap upon brewing our very second cup, water leaked out of the top of the lid, but that was operator error and all we had to do was make sure the lid was pressed all the way down. It’s been serving us perfectly ever since. All in all, we are extremely happy with this purchase!
by RaeKitten
A solid choice with a couple of caveats
This coffee maker brews a very good cup of coffee, comparable to any other brewer I have tried. It has an auto-off feature and does not appear to have an option to disable this feature, so the first cup takes a few minutes to brew. The Keurig 2.0 brewer it replaced in my household was always-on and had an LCD screen, so it felt a bit more high-end than this K-Select model. I appreciate the ability to select any of the 4 available sizes, but I wish the brewer specified the volume in oz or mL on the unit, in addition to the icon that shows the different cup sizes. All in all, it feels like this product was worth the money, but it does look and feel like a device that should cost much less than it does.
by dscillia
Color is off
In my opinion the oasis color looks blue in the advertisement and mint green in person
by Jes40
White Keurig Black Cord
Keurig brand is good. Chose white color for my white kitchen. But why would you have a black cord on the white counter appliance? Disappointed in that. Will get/make a cord cover.
by MegL
Quickly brews great coffee !
I've had mine a week and really enjoy it. It's so nice to the variety of flavors to enjoy as well. Saves me money as I'm spending less at coffee shops. One disappointed was that I didn't receive the pods that were supposed to be included with the purchase.
by Kelly54
Luv the new color options!
I bought my new Keurig about a month ago, I am mostly pleased with it except that I am a bit disappointed that the reservoir that holds the water is considerably smaller and needs to be refilled after about three cups, as b4 I could get about 5-6 cups out of it before having to refill it. I think the difference between the two is that this newer one doesn’t hold water inside the machine as well as the water reservoir like my old one did.
by Fauna Dear
I love the white color. Just remodeled my kitchen and it looks great in it!
by B Allen
More than pleasantly surprised
After a small irreplaceable piece of a verylarge Keurig ripped, I agreed over the phone with amazing customer service, to go small and beige! No bells or whistles which the old one had but the new one is far better , quicker , hotter and less cumbersome . We love it!!!
by Annclare
Great features!
I replaced my old pot with this one and am so glad I picked this model. It has great features and makes wonderful coffee. I would definitely buy it again.
by Felix4
Nice Upgrade!
I purchased my new Keurig K-Select a few weeks ago. It's a welcome upgrade to my old Keurig. I really like it & it makes great coffee! PROS: Much quieter. Slim design & takes up less counter space. Auto-off. You can select the beverage size before the water is ready to brew. The only CON is the water reservoir. The maker description indicates that it holds a little more water than the other version, though not substantial. More water could be held if the design was slightly different (slants toward front leaving about 2 inches of reservoir toward the back unused).
by Nelia
Showing 1-10 of 1,234 reviews