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Designed to stand alone or between cabinets, freestanding ranges typically feature controls at the back of the range.

Slide In (Front Control)

Front-mounted controls prevent reaching over hot burners. Enjoy the sleek look of a slide-in range.

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Step 1: Measure


Before purchasing, measure the opening to ensure your new range will fit. Then, visit our Appliance Delivery & Installation page to download the Gas Ranges Checklist or Electric Ranges Checklist.

Step 2: Fuel Type

fuel type

Our licensed and professional installers can install gas ranges, electrical ranges and liquid propane ranges (only with an appropriate fuel line conversion kit). Note: Installers will utilize the existing fuel line, but not create a new one.

Step 3: Accessories


Do you need any conversion kits or accessories to complete your install? Refer to the Ranges Checklist to be sure.

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Kitchen Ranges How-to Guides

kitchen ranges
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Before you buy a kitchen range, you'll have several decisions to make about the types, styles and features of kitchen stoves to help you find the one that's right for you.

Kitchen Ranges for All Your Cooking Needs

The range is your kitchen's most versatile appliance. It combines a stove and oven in a single appliance, offering you a convenient way fry, boil, broil and bake all your favorites. A cooking range can help make the most out of every meal, every day. There are plenty of options and features to consider when determining which range is right for you and your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Range

When it comes to cooking ranges, the first question is fuel: do you want gas or electric? Gas stoves deliver precise heat control and consistent temperature on the cooktop. The heat in the oven tends to be slightly humid. Electric stoves are quick to heat up up-top, and their ovens produce an even, dry heat. With a gas stovetop and an electric oven, dual fuel ranges are a unique option that combines attributes of both fuel types. 

Induction ranges offer an innovative, energy-efficient option. Ranges with induction cooktops feature fast-heating elements that use electricity and magnetic coils to quickly, directly heat cookware while leaving the remaining surface cool to the touch. Since they don't use flames or direct heat, induction stoves are a safe choice.

Love to bake? Convection ranges are made with you in mind. Whether fueled by gas or electricity, convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air throughout the oven, so foods cook more evenly, at a lower temperature and in less time.

If you frequently cook large meals - or if you just want to be able to heat up a pot pie and bake cookies at the same time - consider a double oven. They're available in electric, gas and dual-fuel configurations.

For serious gourmets, our selection of commercial ranges can bring professional performance and quality to your kitchen.

Top Options & Features

Freestanding ranges are found in most kitchens. They're affordable and simple to install. For a built-in look that's easy to clean, slide-in ranges are the answer. They fit flush with your countertop, usually with a couple of inches of counter space behind the range. Drop-in ranges are placed in custom cabinetry that include a cabinet-front panel where the cookware storage drawer's located on freestanding and slide-in options. Stainless steel ovens are an effective way to kick your kitchen's appearance up a notch, too.

Many of our gas ranges and electric ranges also come equipped with a self-cleaning oven feature, a high-temperature process that cleans without you having to manually scrub.

Before buying a range, make sure you have the right amount of space allotted for it. Measure first, buy second, especially for slide-in and drop-in stoves.

Buy your kitchen stove online with confidence. You can always go to your local The Home Depot to see for yourself if the range or stove you're considering is the best one for you. The Home Depot Protection Plan is available for your peace of mind, too. To be sure we're in your budget, look for our valuable Appliance Offers for savings.