Wall Plates

Types of Wall Plates
Toggle wall plates Toggle Wall Plates

The timeless wall plate designed for the common light switches

Rocker wall plates Rocker Wall Plates

Upgrade your standard light switch covers, from flipping to pressing, with a rocker switch

Outlet wall plates Outlet Wall Plates

Plug into something new when you pair custom outlet covers with your home decor

Combination wall plates Combination Wall Plates

Mix toggles or rockers with an outlet gang or USB to keep your favorite electronics powered and fully charged

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About Wall Plates and Jacks

Introduce stylish accents into your home with our selection of wall plates in a variety of designs, materials and colors. When you choose to switch out your lighted outlet covers with something new, you’re easily adding decorative flair, safety and functionality to the rooms in your home.

Meet Your Needs, Match Your Decor

Wall covers and outlet wall plates should meet your size and safety needs while fitting your decor style. Wall plates come in three sizes – standard, midsize and jumbo. Use wall plate covers and light switch plates to protect from the danger that wires and cords can bring when exposed.

Choose from outlet covers like toggle switch plates and rocker switch plates or blank wall plates as simple additions to beautify your space. We have the perfect colors and finishes in our Decora switch plates collection by Leviton to pair with your style in a modern, traditional, minimalist or contemporary home.

Put Your Wall Plates to Work

Whether you need plug duplex outlets, light switch plates, coaxial wall plates or a combination of wall plate uses, we have what you’re looking for. Our mix of wall plates offers the essential functions and features to upgrade your home including ports for your phone or ethernet, HDMI wall plates, audio/visual and coaxial cables.

You Need More Than One

It’s easier to finish a project with no stress when you buy in bulk. Buying more than one will save you time and money. Save money on our collection of wall plates and jacks that come in multi-packs for the do-it-yourself homeowner and bulk pricing options for the pro on the go.

Get Started on Your Project

When completing your wall plates project, you want to be equipped with all the tools and materials to get the job done. Are you merely covering multiple newly installed cables and cords? Grab a multi-pack to cover up these improvements. Renting? Skip the screwdriver with screwless wall plates. Will you be replacing an entire electrical system, lighting or adding technical upgrades throughout the wall? Take a look at the related products you’ll need to safely complete the project.