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There are many different nail types, each designed for a specific job from heavy construction, roofing work or for jobs around the house.

Nail Buying Guide


Most screws fasten on their own, but bolts need nuts to be secure.


Nuts keep bolts secure and can cover fasteners. Make sure the nut matches the screw or bolt you are using.

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Keep your screws firmly in place. Masonry anchors can hold as much weight as the attached wall can bear. Hollow wall anchor load depends on the wall’s thickness.

Masonry & Concrete Anchors Buying Guide

Drywall Anchors Buying Guide


Keeps a bolt and nut from coming loose. Also protects the surface of materials and provides a larger load-bearing surface.

Washers & Nuts Buying Guide

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Great for light-duty fastening like decorative hanging projects.

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About Fasteners

From hanging artwork to tackling more complicated jobs like deck building, we have a wide selection of hardware fasteners. The term “fastener” refers to bolts, nails, screws and other kinds of connecting devices like ratchet straps. Knowing the correct fastener types to use will help your project run more smoothly.

Fasteners Tips
Always use the right size screwdriver to avoid stripping your fastener head.   
Over-tightening fasteners can damage the threads of the bolt.
Nuts and washers are sized in both U.S. and metric measurements.
Mismatched metals can cause corrosion so pair your fasteners accordingly.

Hard to Find Fasteners
Whether you’re a pro buying fasteners in bulk or a DIYer who just need a nail or a handful of screws, you’ll find what you’re looking. Even the hard to find fasteners are easy to find at The Home Depot. You can download our app and use the item finder tool to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can ask a store associate for help at your local store.

Beyond Screws and Nuts
Bolts, nuts and washers are among the most common fasteners, but sometimes you need something else, like ratchet straps or bungee cords to keep tools secure in your vehicle. Or, spacers to fit over bolts or screws to maintain space between components.

Need a Lift?
Consider buying more than one pulley to easily lift loads with little force. When used together in this way, pulleys make it easier to lift. Paracord, short for parachute cord, is a lightweight nylon rope originally used for many tasks as a general-purpose utility cord.