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Help Loved Ones Feel Safer at Home

Help Loved Ones Feel Safer at Home

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Independent Living Solutions

More individuals with mobility and accessibility concerns are now able to live at home in safety and comfort thanks to the wide availability of independent living and wellness resources from The Home Depot. Whether you’re a caregiver, a family member, a building professional or simply making updates for yourself, we can help with our wide selection of independent living solutions.

Bath Safety

Bath Safety is essential, and grab bars, assist bars, shower seats, shower chairs and ADA compliant toilet seats make ideal DIY additions. Install a handheld shower head, a shower tower or a walk in tub for even more convenience and accessibility. Consider updating to a curbless shower. They offer easy entry and exit, ideal for young children and those aging, making it a popular design choice that's functional for multiple generations. A bigger project worth the investment is converting a tub to a shower. This improves safety by removing tall edges for climbing in and out, making them perfect for households with mobility concerns. All you need is one of The Home Depot’s tub shower conversion kits. And don’t stop there...we have plenty of ways to improve the safety and user-friendliness of bedrooms, kitchens, entryways and more.

Bedroom Safety

There are multiple steps you can take to improving the safety of your bedroom. Installing night lights helps illuminate the room without causing eye strain and help preventing tripping down stairs or objects. Touch lamps make it easier for those with hand mobility concerns and are an added convenience. For those who are aging, commodes, wedge pillows, non slip flooring and bed rails for seniors are good options. Cord management systems are an underrated addition to a bedroom for keeping it tidy and organized, without the threat of tripping over wires.

Getting Around

From wheelchairs and portable ramps for said wheelchairs to walkers and walking canes , The Home Depot offers a wide range of mobility aids & equipment to help make it easier to go places around the house, around the neighborhood, around town and beyond.

Making Your Place Smart

Connect all the devices you use every day with the latest in Smart Home technology. Voice activated assistants, smart doorbells, smart thermostats, smart lighting, locks and smart security systems don’t just make life easier – they deliver serious peace of mind. Invest in a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector that connects to a smart hub to keep you alerted of any danger in your own home. Smart devices are here to support you in any way you deem fit to maintain independent living.