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Window Fans

Window fans can range from small metal window fans for your kitchen to quiet window fans for your bedroom. The tips below will help you choose the right fans for your home.

Window Fan Functions and Features

Window fans are simple and effective solutions for cooling your home. To achieve the best ventilation, use two window fans – one for bringing fresh air in from the outside and one for pushing hot air out. Position your two window fans on opposite ends of your room. A reversible window fan offers the ultimate convenience because it allows you to switch from intake to exhaust, or vice versa, without physically turning the unit around. A portable fan may be your best option if you move from room to room regularly. Window fans with remotes and window fans with thermostats add extra accoutrements that you might find useful in your everyday life.

Whether you have sliding, double-hung or casement windows, size plays a factor in finding the right fan. Single window fans are an ideal solution for smaller windows. If your home has larger windows, choose a twin window fan. Side panels are included so you can securely install your window fan.

Window Fan Tips

A window fan is a great choice for cooling off your home, but consider the following when making your selections:

• Seasonality. Depending on where you live, it may be too hot or cold a few weeks each year to use window fans year-round.

• Local Weather Patterns. A window fan has to be taken out when rain or severe weather occur to prevent electrical or water damage to your home.

• Installation. Proper installation with the right window screen is essential to keep your unit operating smoothly and your home safe from intruders.

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