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Pull-out Cabinet Shelves

For many home cooks, prep time means digging through cluttered kitchen cabinets and drawers to find what they need. Save time and your sanity with pull-out cabinet shelves that will help streamline your kitchen storage. 
Types of Pull-out Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets 

Sliding shelves are simple to install in your existing cabinets. They make it easy to corral your items and grab your favorite saucepan, appliance or utensil right when you need it. Here are some types of pull-out shelves: 

• Wire Organizers and Baskets. These rolling metal shelves are made of sturdy steel and finished in polished chrome, matte nickel or white epoxy. Sliding wire basket organizers allow air circulation and provide sturdy storage. Use them to keep tabs on your food items. Multi-tiered bins make it easy: Put dry goods on one cabinet pull-out and canned foods on another. 
• Undermount Drawer Slides. These shelves make use of hard-to-reach storage, such as under the kitchen sink. You can also use them for tall cabinets: Install a pull-out trash can on a slide to cut down on odors and keep garbage hidden away. 

• Box-Style Shelves and Drawers. Made of solid wood, these slide-out shelves can have low or high sides. Use them to store pots and pans and their lids near the stove. Or, place plastic containers and serving dishes in your center island. Tall items like cutting boards and baking sheets can be stored upright in narrow pull-out drawers for easy access. To store utensils neatly, use drawer organizers

• Pull-up Shelves. These heavy-duty shelves pull up and out from a base cabinet to extend your counter space. Use them to store bulky appliances like stand mixers. 
• Corner Cabinet Shelves. Make use of “blind” corners in your kitchen cabinets with multi-tier sliding shelves that expand to create three to six individual pull-out shelves. 
• Hinged Drop-down Cabinet Fronts. Create handy spaces for scouring pads and extra sponges. Add hinges and interior-mount bins to cabinet fronts under your sink. 

Features to Look For 

Pull-out cabinet organizers should roll easily on full-extension ball bearing slides. This provides the ideal access and smooth operation. To reduce noise, consider models with soft close slide systems. Adjustable dividers allow you to customize drawers and shelves for all your storage needs.

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