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Gas Chainsaws

Cuts quickly with ease, good for heavy-duty jobs such as felling trees. Cordless gas engine requires regular upkeep.

Electric Chainsaws

Quiet, lightweight and easy to start, ideal for light yard work such as pruning. Power cord may limit mobility.

Cordless- Electric Chainsaws

Fully mobile, lightweight and low maintenance. Used mostly for light-duty yard work. Powered by rechargeable batteries. 

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About Chainsaws

Not all chainsaws are the same, they come in a variety of styles, sizes and power. Let us help you find the chainsaw right for you and your project. With all the options available, make your decision based on the kind of sawing you need to do, where you will use your chainsaw, and the scope of your chainsaw projects. Reach for the right tool for your own convenience and safety.

How much chainsaw do you need?
Gas chainsaws, electric corded chainsaws and cordless battery-powered chainsaws – these are the main types of chainsaws for you to consider. If you only need a chainsaw for occasional light cutting, an electric chainsaw should do the job. But if you mean to cut upright trees to the ground– aka “felling” trees, you’ll need a gas chainsaw with a suitable engine and proper bar length.

If you are new to chainsaws, consider your own safety first along with your project goals. Go with the smallest guide bar length necessary to accomplish your task. Longer bar length chainsaws are heavier and vibrate more, so leave the heavy-duty chainsaws to more experienced users. If you only use a chainsaw a few times a year, consider an electric chainsaw. It doesn’t require as much maintenance as a gas-powered chainsaw.

You can always rent from The Home Depot Rental Center, too. Rent a chainsaw, use it and bring it back. Skip the upkeep and you won’t have to store it, either.

Where will you use it?
Gas chainsaws give you the mobility and freedom to roam deep into the woods or the far edges of your property. Electric chainsaws keep you tied to a cord, so you’ll be limited to the length of your cords or extension cords. If you have a cordless chainsaw, you'll be limited to the lifespan of the battery, unless you bring a backup.

Consider the kind of wood you will be working with. The texture of the wood matters. If it's softwood, you’ll need less power. Hardwood such as oak or birch will need a more powerful chainsaw. If noise is an issue, electric chainsaws are relatively quieter than gas chainsaws.

Chainsaws safety and accessories
You want your chains sharp and well-oiled. Chainsaw accessories such as sharpening stones, chain oil and replacement parts make completing your project safe and easy. Try our easy-to-use online tool to when it’s time to replace your chain.

Don’t even think about using a chainsaw without the proper protective equipment. Consider chaps for your legs, protective gear for your eyes and ears, and gloves. We have all the chainsaw accessories you’ll need to stay comfortable and safe while you work.

Similar tools like tree trimmers and power saws can handle smaller pruning and trimming jobs. Invest in your landscaping tools to improve the health, value and look of your landscape.