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Pool Covers

Your swimming pool is a big investment, and chances are you want to take steps to protect it throughout the year. A swimming pool cover offers a wide range of advantages, from safety to energy savings. 
Here are just a few benefits you may want to consider: 
1. Keeps debris from falling into the water.

All pool covers provide a physical barrier to leaves and other debris. Mesh covers allow for rainwater to drip through the woven surface. Another common material is vinyl—these covers prevent even dirt and small bits of debris from entering the water, since they don’t allow anything to pass through. Both types are considered to be winter pool covers and aren’t typically used in the summer months.

2. Protects animals and children from falling into the water.

Safety pool covers (also called Pin Down Covers) are specifically designed to withstand the weight of an animal or child. They are usually strapped to the pool deck and are held tight above the water. They can be made of vinyl or mesh, and they are typically used during the winter months since they require a bit more effort to take on and off.

3. Insulates the water and prevents evaporation.

Most heat loss in a swimming pool comes from evaporation. Bubble covers (also known as solar pool covers) float on top of the water and prevent it from evaporating. They work like a solar blanket to help the pool retain heat. They are easy to install and remove, which makes them convenient to use all year long. Additionally, they can be cut to fit any size or shape of pool.
When selecting a cover for your pool, keep in mind exactly what features you need as well as when and how you will be using it. The right pool cover can protect your pool, save you money and keep your family safe.

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