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Shop Painter’s Touch®

Paint and Primer in 1 formula designed for lasting durability. Ultra Cover Spray Paint provides excellent hide, coverage and applies easily with any angle comfort tip spray. Works on many surfaces including wood, wicker, masonry, metal and plastic.

Shop Universal®

The most versatile spray paint available. Its Paint and Primer in 1 formula has a trigger that sprays at any angle and eliminates finger fatigue. This rust preventive formula works on virtually any surface including exterior wood, metal or masonry, Styrofoam, glass or vinyl.

Shop Stop’s Rust®

The ultimate protection from rust, corrosion and exposure to the elements. Trust the leader in rust protection to keep your metal projects looking good as new and gives new life to seriously rusted areas. 

Shop Specialty

Project specific paint solutions for unique surfaces and looks. Create your own custom chalkboard, repaint your refrigerator or bath tub, create a glitter finish, touch up your barbeque grill and so much more.

Shop All Rust-Oleum®

Paints that work as hard as you do. Products that perform in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments. Fast dry formulas with a high- output tip means projects are completed fast and efficiently.

Shop Plasti Dip®

Rubber coating can be sprayed, brushed or dipped onto painted surfaces to provide a comfortable grip that resists moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion, and slipping. The flexible formula will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather.

Shop Leak Seal®

A rubberized coating that seals cracks water-tight, fills small holes and provides firm-but-flexible protection against moisture and rust on surfaces like, gutters, roofs, flashing, ductwork, PVC, masonry, concrete and more.

Shop Hedrix®

Achieve a smooth professional-looking spray smooth finish in any color chip from any paint brand at Home Depot. This high-quality fast-dry spray paint is suitable for metal, wicker, most hard plastics, wood, masonry. 

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When you’re ready to take on your next paint project The Home Depot has an enormous choice of spay paint colors from top paint brands and the know-how to help you do the job right. Whether you’re making a colorful update to the interior or exterior of your home or working on a unique DIY project, you can really pour or spray on the creativity with our huge selection of paints and stains, speciality craft products like chalkboard paint, glow in the dark and textured spray paints. Got a grill or an auto engine that can't take the heat? Touch it up with our high-heat paints that can stand up to 1200℉ temperatures. 

If you're looking for a little inspiration check out our paint project and buying guides for current paint trends, popular color palettes and paint craft ideas. For all your painting needs, small and large, we’ll help you get it covered in the perfect hue. 


Lanco Industrial Grade Contact Cement CA-153 of red Lanco Industrial Grade Contact Cement CA-153 of red color formulated with solvent based Chloroprene Rubber for spray applications that instantly forms strong bond that increases in strength over time between similar or dissimilar materials. Desidned for wood leather foam decorative laminates countertops and synthetic rubber.  More + Product Details Close
Performix Plasti Dip Blaze is a unique collection Performix Plasti Dip Blaze is a unique collection of neon Plasti Dip colors that deliver eye catching looks for any application. Use Plasti Dip Blaze anywhere you need bright easy to see colors - you can use it to improve visibility for safety concerns to add can't miss color to ...  More + Product Details Close
Performix Plasti Dip is a multipurpose air dry Performix Plasti Dip is a multipurpose air dry specialty rubber coating. Plasti Dip protective coating is ideal for a broad array of do-it-yourself projects around the home garage garden and elsewhere. It protects against moisture acids corrosion and skidding/slipping and provides a comfortable controlled grip. Plasti Dip remains flexible and ...  More + Product Details Close
Rust-Oleum Automotive 1-qt. Low VOC Epoxy and Lacquer Rust-Oleum Automotive 1-qt. Low VOC Epoxy and Lacquer Thinner (Case of 4) is a blended low VOC solvent formulated for most lacquer base wood and metal finishes. It is also compatible with acrylic epoxies automotive or other specialty lacquers. It is suitable for thinning lacquer based paints epoxies and clear ...  More + Product Details Close