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Model#  ML300L-S3016

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You never know where you’ll be when the power goes out. But with a good plan—and plenty of flashlights stashed throughout your home—you’ll be prepared if it does. Whether you choose something lightweight or heavy duty, a keychain light or a work lamp, don’t be left in the dark.
Great for Everyday Errands 

If your neighborhood has street lights, you might only need a small flashlight for safety at night while you run or walk the dog. A budget-
friendly headlamp can also ensure that passing motorists will see you. LED flashlights last a long time and don’t get too hot, so they’re also great for everyday use. Since they focus their beam in one direction, these are the perfect book light if you want to read in bed and not wake your partner. 

For Emergencies and Adventures 

A spotlight or lantern with more than 1,000 lumens casts a strong light. The clear, bright beam sent from a tactical flashlight is the expert choice in a crisis. You can trust its solid, often waterproof build and its lithium batteries, which are proven to last. A mini-light fits right in the glove box of your car, just in case you’re stranded. If you love to camp, try a solar-powered or rechargeable flashlight to save money in the long run. 

Make sure that your new flashlight is powered up and ready when you need it. Check out our battery guide to choose the right charge for your gear.

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