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About Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment

The right cordless outdoor power equipment makes yard work much easier and less time consuming. Whether you need cordless leaf blowers to clear your driveway, or battery powered lawn mowers or electric riding lawn mowers to maintain your yard, we’ve got lots of cordless yard tools to get the job done.  

Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment for Every Season


If you live in a region that gets moderate to heavy snowfall, snow blowers can help you quickly clear walkways, driveways and more – with much less physical effort. Cordless snow blowers are high-voltage battery-powered snow blowers that are effective on light, moderate and heavy snow. As an added advantage, you'll never have to worry about running over a cord.

If you have lumber projects that you need to tackle, we’ve got you covered. Chainsaws can power their way through downed trees, pruning jobs and firewood tasks. We carry battery powered chainsaws and backup chainsaw batteries to finish any project. 

Additional Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment

Be sure to check out our selection of cordless pressure washers, cordless pole saws and cordless edgers. Pole saws are ideal for cutting limbs and branches without a ladder. Knowing how to edge a lawn will keep your walkways clear of overgrown grass and weeds. You’ll have a more polished look by trimming the edges and sprucing up the border.

Pressure washers are made to forcefully spray water with enough power to remove tough grime on outdoor surfaces. They’re ideal for a variety of tasks, from cleaning your car to restoring your home's curb appeal.


String trimmers can give your lawn a beautiful finishing touch. Cordless string trimmers tackle hard-to-reach areas where lawn mowers can’t navigate, like around trees, fence posts, mailboxes, shrubs, walkways and more. 

Well-kept shrubs and landscaping are an essential part of keeping up your home’s curb appeal. Cordless hedge trimmers offer detailed landscaping for your yard and provide a clean, even cut that's easy to maintain. 

When it comes to choosing quaility cordless outdoor power equipment, look no further than The Home Depot.