Buying Guide

Best Cabinet Hardware for Your Home

Pulls, Knobs & Backplates

There are a number of styles and finishes for cabinet knobs and pulls, so you’re bound to find some that match your décor and meets your kitchen cabinet hardware needs. 

The most popular finishes include chrome, satin nickel, bronze, stainless steel and brass. 

You can choose cabinet pulls and knobs that either accent your cabinets, or stand out to provide a contrast. 


Knobs are beautiful yet small, so you only need one or two on your cabinets and drawers. They come in all types of styles and designs, from glass and metal to round and egg-shaped and more. 

If you have a wide drawer, place two knobs to the left and right of the center of the drawer as drawer handles so that an equal length remains on each side of the knob to the end of the drawer. If the drawer is narrow, place one knob directly in the center. 


Pulls are one long rod or bar-like design that attaches to the cabinet drawer near the opposite ends of the pull. With pulls and drawer handles, you can usually open the drawer with the tug of just one finger. 

They come in varying widths, and some are extra wide for oversize drawers. 

The most popular styles are often available in packs of six or 10 for added value. 


Backplates protect your cabinets from the oil on your hands. They are also good for covering up previously drilled holes from old knobs and pulls. 

You can also use both knobs and pulls to vary the look of your cabinets. Use knobs on cabinet doors and pulls on drawers; just make sure you match the finish.

Knob & Pull Types

Depending on your cabinets’ style and finish, choose from the following types of cabinet knobs and pulls: 

Bar pulls: A straight bar with two screw brackets near the ends. 

Cup pulls: A 180-degree design that accommodates your fingers. 

Arch pulls: Feature a curved arch with enough room for your hand. 

Handle pulls and cabinet handles: Have two screw brackets at the end of each side. 

Mushroom knobs: Incorporate a mushroom-type design that resembles a standard door knob. 

Round knobs: Feature a round design that looks like a ball or globe. 

Square knobs: Feature designs with four corners in varying sizes. 

Bar knobs: Feature a narrow bar in the shape of a “T.”

Catches, Latches & Drawer Slides

Catches help cabinets close tightly. They are typically magnetic or have a roller. They snatch the cabinet as it is closing, and then hold it in the closed position. 


Latches add a touch of security, so they are great if you have small children or pets. They usually clip or swing into place. Once the cabinet or drawer latches, it is held in the closed position until the latch is released with your finger. 


Drawer slides make opening and closing drawers easier. They are great when you have your hands full. You can also choose soft-close drawer slides to keep your drawers from slamming shut.