Buying Guide

Best Concrete Paint Applicators for You

Paint Brushes

Just like on any other surface, paint brushes can be used to paint concrete. Depending upon the roughness of the concrete surface, however, it may be necessary to invest in higher quality brushes than you wood for any other painting project.

Look for nylon or polyester brushes designed for stains. This guide will walk you through the differences in bristle shape and brush width.

Paint Rollers

If you have a smooth concrete surface, paint rollers may be the easiest way to stain concrete.

Use a 1/2- to 3/4-inch thick nap (roller cover) made from synthetic material to ensure it will apply cleanly to your concrete surface.

This guide will explain the differences between roller cover materials and nap length.

Paint Sprayers

For larger or uneven concrete surfaces, the simplest way to apply stain is by using a paint sprayer.

Look for a pump sprayer with a double-regulated pressure tank with oil and moisture separator. This will ensure your stain will come out smoothly with a clean finish. Ideally, your pump sprayer should have 20 PSI fluid pressure and 40 to 60 PSI air pressure and an E tip with a 3/8-inch ID material hose.

Airless paint sprayers are for more heavy-duty projects. Make sure to use one with at least a pressure of 1800 to 2400 PSI, a flow rate of 1/2 gallon per minute and a 0.013- to 0.017-inch tip.

For more details on paint sprayers, check out this guide.