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Best Mattresses for a Good Night's Sleep

Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are known for their pressure relief, support and body contouring. They’re made up of a combination of many layers. Some even include gel foam.

If you’re someone who needs consistent support, you might want to invest in a mattress with a foam core that will support your body evenly, keeping your spine aligned. This will avoid creating painful pressure points. 

Often, support and firmness are confused as the same thing, when they couldn’t be more different.

Foam mattresses typically have a firmer base and aren’t super springy due to their thickness. The thicker the foam, the less you sink and the less the mattress moves when you lay on it.

Ultimately, this thickness is beneficial if you share a bed or experience pain after you wake up.

Foam mattresses are also some of the most resistant to mold and dust mites.

Memory foam mattress benefits:

  • Extra firm with less spring
  • Density of foam contributes to how much you sink
  • Provides pressure relief
  • Supports your body
  • Contours to the body
  • Less firm foam is good for those who sleep on their side
  • More firm foam is good for those who sleep on their back
  • Good for those sharing a bed
  • Antimicrobial; resistant to dust mites, mold, etc.
  • Usually edge support isn’t needed
  • Lasts about 10 years
Innerspring Mattresses
Innerspring mattress

One of the most common mattress types, innerspring mattresses have cores made of coils that range from thick and firm to thin and compressible. They have a traditional feel with layers of foam on top for comfort. 

Typically, mattresses with coils are springy, but the buoyancy of the mattress can depend on the number of coils and the type of coil used.

When compared to other mattresses, innersprings have the most bounce while also reducing the ripple effect caused by movement.

Some innerspring mattresses also come with an outer layer filled with fiberfill or foam. These sorts of mattresses are especially beneficial for individuals who sleep on their side, since coils can alleviate pressure points as well as memory foam.

The more coils you have, the more support provided.

Not only are the coils surprisingly comfortable, they keep your mattress cool. If you find yourself waking up in a sweat, it could be because of your mattress core’s heat retention. 


  • Provides the most pressure relief
  • Coils provide support and spring
  • Pocketed coils reduce ripple effect
  • Can come with a foam or fiberfill top
  • Perfect for those who sleep on their side
  • Those who sleep on their stomach will love a dense innerspring mattress
  • Medium level firmness is ideal for back sleepers
  • Good for those sharing a bed; coils create motion isolation
  • Will cool down
  • Typically has edge support
  • Lasts about 8 years
Latex Mattresses
Latex mattress

A latex mattress is most similar to a foam mattress when it comes to firmness, but has more spring-back. These mattresses are antimicrobial, resistant to dust mites and mold, and more hypoallergenic.

Similar to how foam mattresses have two types of foam that offer different benefits, latex mattresses can be made of Dunlop latex or Talalay latex.

Dunlop latex is for individuals who desire a denser and heavier mattress, while Talalay latex is for those who want something softer and lighter.

Not only is latex a well-rounded material with an abundance of benefits, it’ll also last longer than any other mattress.

Latex mattresses are known for their ability to stay cool and comfortable, like innerspring mattresses.

Though latex is a type of foam, it’s not nearly as pronounced as memory foam. While memory foam will encase your body, latex mattresses do not contour to your frame, giving you more room to move freely.


  • More firm than memory foam, with spring-back (more bounce)
  • Antimicrobial; resistant to dust mites, mold, etc.
  • One of the longest lasting mattress types
  • Choose from 2 types of latex (dunlop or talalay)
  • Perfect for those who sleep on their stomach
  • Good for those sharing a bed
  • Great responsiveness
  • Will cool down
  • Usually edge support isn’t needed
  • Lasts about 12 years
Hybrid Mattresses
hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses have grown in popularity and are typically a combination of different types of materials. 

For example, a hybrid mattress might be made of memory foam and latex. 

However, the most popular hybrid type is an innerspring and memory foam combo that provides a nice balance between support and pressure point relief.

The idea is that the mix of different materials gives you the best of both for a better mattress overall.


  • Combination of different mattress features; best of all worlds
  • Good support overall
  • Memory foam and innerspring hybrid provide pressure relief, support and motion isolation
  • Memory foam and latex hybrid provide cooling, bounce and pressure relief
Other Types of Mattresses
Bed Mattress

Adjustable and air-filled mattresses are also available. They are similar to foam, innerspring and latex mattresses, but with variations.

Air-filled mattresses typically have two side-by-side chambers filled with air that can be increased or decreased depending on a person’s needs. They are great for those who share a bed but who want a different level of firmness than their partner.


  • Customizable firmness
  • Foam or fiberfill top
  • Perfect for those who sleep on their stomachs

An adjustable mattress may sound similar to an air-filled one, but the difference is in the position of the mattress. You’ll be able to adjust the bed to lift your feet, shift your head or incline your back. These sorts of mattresses are good for individuals who suffer from medical conditions or chronic pain. They're also great for lounging in bed to read or watch TV.


  • Perfect for those with medical ailments, older individuals, those with chronic pain and more
  • Mattress can be manipulated into various positions
Pillow Top
mattresses - what to avoid

If you’re looking for extra comfort, invest in a mattress that has a stitched in pillow top. These tops add about 3 extra inches of foam that contours to the body. They’re beneficial for those who sleep on their side.

Pillow tops help alleviate pressure in the shoulders and hips.

Mattress Price
mattress price

A quality mattress is typically in the $500-$1,000 range. A more expensive mattress does not necessarily mean a better one. Expect to spend no less than $500 on a queen mattress.

Box springs on average cost somewhere between $100-$300.

Price range of different mattress types, from least to most expensive (on average):

  • Innerspring: $100-$2000
  • Memory Foam: $100-$4000
  • Latex: $450-$3000
  • Hybrid: $250-$4000
  • Air: $500-$4000
Box Springs
box springs

Don’t let the term “low profile” scare you. This term simply refers to a type of box spring. A low profile one is between 5 and 5.5 inches, while a standard box spring is about 9 inches. Despite these differences in height, your mattress’s support will not be affected in any way.

Use a box spring to elevate your mattress while raising it further from the floor. Box springs provides solid support for your mattress. Most foam mattresses come with a box spring to add that needed support.

You can use any mattress type in a platform bed. These types of beds do not need box springs.

Mattress Flipping and Rotating
Mattress Flipping Chart

It is recommended you flip your mattress at least twice a year if you share your bed with someone or tend to sleep in the same area of your bed. Use your best judgement to decide whether a mattress needs flipping or even rotating.

Also be aware that some mattresses cannot be flipped. Usually, there will be a warning somewhere on the mattress that will let you know.

Mattress Features & What to Avoid
Mattress Lifespan


Mattress size is a frequently asked question when searching for a new mattress. The reason size is important is that it dictates how many individuals can fit in a bed comfortably.

Twin and full size beds can comfortably fit one person, while queen, king and California king mattresses can accommodate two.

A twin bed is ideal for a child, while a full is a bit wider and best suited for an adult.

If you’re sharing a bed with another person, a queen may be a good fit.

However, if you want more space while you sleep, it’s best to invest in a king, which is roomier, or a California king, which is longer than the average king mattress.


Mattress brands matter. The Home Depot offers an assortment of brands, from Tempur-Pedic to Stearns & Foster and more.

  • Tempur-Pedic: This brand continues to make innovative mattresses year after year. Their name is widely known, and they put memory foam mattresses on the map.

  • Serta: This brand makes mattresses that will fit every customer’s needs. With 75 years in the business of mattresses, they know their audience.
  • Sealy: With 100 years of making mattresses under their belt, Sealy is a trusted brand. They’re best known for their Posturepedic mattresses that provide great support and ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Stearns & Foster: With longevity on their side, Stearns & Foster has remained dedicated to making quality mattresses since 1846.
  • Simmons: This brand has been making mattresses for close to 150 years, so they’re no strangers to the mattress game. They’re known for their Beautyrest and Beautysleep mattresses, which are some of the best mattresses on the market. These mattresses are not only popular, but made of quality materials that provide optimal comfort

What to avoid:

Never bend your mattress. Even when moving it, try and avoid turning it too much.

When cleaning a mattress’s surface, stick to vacuuming. If the mattress gets stained, use mild soap, cold water and a light touch. Never soak your mattress in water or cleaning fluids. In order to protect your mattress, invest in a mattress cover or pad.