Buying Guide

Best Toaster Ovens for Your Kitchen

Small Toaster Oven
toasting bread in 6 slice toaster oven

Many agree the best small toaster oven is compact and a great addition to your existing small kitchen appliances. It is designed for simple toasting or reheating dishes.

  • Toaster ovens for bread up to 4 slices
  • Small appliance with great value
  • Knob for time and temperature
  • Quick and easy cooking functions
  • Commonly under $30
Large Toaster Oven
large stainless steel toaster oven

A larger toaster oven is one of the best countertop oven options available because it has more functionality capacity for bigger meals or entrĂ©e dishes. 

  • Extra-wide interiors designed to fit frozen pizza, large meats and more bread
  • Longer timer and auto shutoff
  • Upgraded cooking technologies 
  • Multiple cooking functions
Digital Toaster Oven
digital toaster oven with LED screen

This is the one of the best countertop ovens for your home when considering the addition of smart oven to your kitchen routine. Toasters like this, with a digital heating element, will transform your cooking and free time.

  • LCD or touch screen 
  • Best for multiple cooking options
  • Digital models are more expensive
Toaster Oven with Baking Features
large counter toaster oven baking pot roast

For those with an interest in baking, the best convection toaster oven is also the best countertop oven to add to your kitchen appliances. It offers help preparing a variety of foods and the ability to bake faster.

  • Convection technology assists with faster baking 
  • Larger counter ovens
  • Typically includes baking pans
Features and Accessories
features and accessories for the best toaster oven
  • Cooking Accessories: The best toaster ovens have accessories like rotisserie tongs and rods, extra oven racks, recipe books, drip racks, mesh baskets and an easy clean crumb tray to help ease your cooking needs.
  • Air Fry Technology: This technology, which can be found in toasters & countertop ovens, has a dehydrate function that allows you to prepare crispy and tender chicken, fruit or vegetables.
  • Convection: Hot air circulates faster throughout convection toaster ovens that bake goods quicker and evenly.