Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Tilt Option for Your Window Treatments

Standard Tilt Cord
Standard Tilt Cord - Right Tilt Option

The most inexpensive and durable tilt option is the standard tilt cord. It is simple and easy to use. With a simple pull of the tilt cord, your blinds open or close based on the amount of cord length pulled.


  • Typically the standard tilt cord is found on the left of the blind and the pull cord is on the right or both cords on the same side. 
  • To avoid confusion, it is best to place cords on opposite sides, pair your standard pull cord with a tilt wand or use other control options.
Tilt Wand
  • The tilt wand is usually placed on the left side of the blind and the lift cord is placed on the right, however, customized blinds give you the option to change control placement to better fit your needs. 
  • The wand is typically two-thirds the length of the blind height.
Motorized Tilt

Motorized tilt is available for slat blinds like wood, faux wood or aluminum. This is a popular option for high windows, hard to reach windows or multiple windows in the same room.