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Purchase History


Save and organize all your purchases and simplify tax preparation.


Step 1:

Your recent orders are visible on the homepage, but you can see your full purchase history by selecting “View All Purchases”. You can also access your full history through the “Purchase History” tab on the header drop-down menu or the “My Account” page. 

Step 1
Step 2:

Filter your purchases by date, PO name or store name, item number or order number with the drop-down menus.

Step 2
Step 3:

Download the receipt for a purchase by selecting “Order #”. If a product has an order number beginning with an H, it was purchased at the Pro Desk in a Home Depot store. Orders that begin with a W or C were placed online. If no order number displays, the product was purchased at a non-Pro Desk register in a store.

Step 3
Step 4:

View the register receipt by selecting “Receipt #”.


Step 4
Step 5:

Select “See Details” to view the purchased product and the big receipt or the register receipt.


Step 5
Step 6:

Select “Export” to download your purchase history to CSV file. Or, sync your spending with your QuickBooks®* account by selecting “QuickBooks Export”.

Step 6