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Hanging Curtains from the Ceiling

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Measure Your Ceiling
A person uses a ruler to make measurements on the ceiling.

The first step to hanging curtains from the ceiling is to take measurements with a ruler or tape measure. You want to know the ceiling’s height and how high you want your curtains to hang. 

  • Measure the height from ceiling to floor. Once you’ve measured the distance, add 1 or 2 inches to your curtain length if you want the panels to touch the floor when hung.  
  • If you want the ends of your draperies to reach just the windows, make a measurement and mark the area on the wall below the windows where you want the lengths of the draperies to end.  
  • The ceiling’s height determines how to hang your curtains. Hanging draperies from certain heights create different looks within your space. If you hang your curtains high enough that they covers the window trim, you’ll create the illusion of a higher wall. If you have a shorter ceiling, it’s recommended you simply hang your curtains directly onto the ceiling to avoid making your space look too short. 
Mark Your Ceiling
A person marks the spot to install a mounting bracket.

Use a pencil to mark the areas on your wall or ceiling where you plan to install your curtain rod brackets or ceiling hooks. Make sure your marks are symmetrical and spaced in a way that will support your curtain rod.

  • You'll want to install curtain rod brackets for each end and brackets in between to prevent the metal or wooden rod from bowing under the curtains' weight. 
  • Be sure your rod isn’t pressed against the ceiling when installed. Ample space between the rod and the ceiling guarantees you’ll be able to hang your curtains without any issues. 
Installing the Mounting Brackets
A person drills holes into a ceiling to install a bracket.

Place the mounting brackets at the areas you’ve marked for hanging curtains from the ceiling. You will need a power drill and drywall anchors for this task. 

  • Mark the areas where the screws will go.  
  • Use a power drill and bit to make pilot holes for the screws.  
  • If you are using plastic anchors, tap in each anchor until it is flush against the ceiling. Hold the bracket against the ceiling and screw into place.  If you are using toggle anchors, insert the metal wings through the hole and screw the bolt until the bracket is firmly in place.  
Hang the Draperies
A person hangs draperies on a ceiling-mounted rod.

Once this is complete, slide the curtains you’ve chosen onto the ceiling mount curtain rod.  

When the curtains are on the rod, place the rod on the mounting brackets and tighten the bracket screws to lock the rod in place. 


If you’re using curtains with drapery hooks, simply slide the hooks onto the rod then latch the curtain rod in place.  

Install Adhesive Curtain Hooks
A person hangs a curtain rod on a ceiling-mounted hook.

Knowing how to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling comes in handy if you rent housing or live in space with walls that are difficult to drill into, such as loft with brick-faced walls. Adhesive hooks are an option if you want the look of ceiling-length draperies without the labor of marking and drilling bracket holes.  

If you plan to use adhesive hooks installed directly on the ceiling to hang your curtains, it is important that the ceiling surface is smooth and is not unevenly textured. If you have a popcorn ceiling, scrape away the texture before installing the hooks for hanging curtains from the ceiling. 


  • To begin, thoroughly clean the areas where you plan to place your hooks with rubbing alcohol, then let dry. Rub gently to prevent removing any paint on the walls. 
  • Once dry, remove the adhesive backing and press the hooks onto the ceiling where you’ve made markings. Again, make sure to apply enough hooks to prevent the rod from bowing under the curtain’s weight. 
  • Place the rods onto the ceiling hooks. Survey your work, making sure the rod is level and straight and everything looks the way you want it.  
  • Remove the curtain rods and place the curtains onto the rods.  
  • Place your rods back onto the ceiling hooks and you’ve got ceiling curtains. 

The look of draperies from floor to ceiling is a DIY project that adds style to any room in your home. Once you’ve learned how to hang curtains from the ceiling, you’ll be inspired to change the look of the bedroom or living room and you’ll be satisfied with the results. Download the Home Depot Mobile App to find the supplies you’ll need for your project.