Project Guide

Hanging Curtains from the Ceiling

Measure Your Ceiling
Person measuring out how high to hang their curtains.

The first step to hanging curtains from the ceiling is measuring how high your ceiling is, then deciding how high you want your curtains to hang. Ceiling height will determine how high you can hang your curtains, and how hanging curtains from certain heights will create different looks within your space. If you hang your curtain high enough that it covers the window trim, you’ll create the illusion of a longer wall. If you have a shorter ceiling, it’s recommended you simply hang your curtain directly onto the ceiling so as to avoid making your space look too short.

Mark Your Ceiling
Person marking where to install their curtain rods.

Once you’ve measured out the height of your floor to your ceiling, add 1 or 2 inches to your curtain length if you want your curtains to touch the floor when hung. If you rather the ends of your curtains rest just below your window or right before floor, make sure to measure your window and wall length with care. Doing this will ensure you get the right length curtain panels.

Using a pencil, mark the areas on your wall or ceiling where you plan to install your curtain rod brackets or ceiling hooks. Make sure your marks are symmetrical and spaced in a way that will support your curtain rod. Also be sure your rod, when installed, isn’t pressed up against the ceiling. Ample space between the rod and the ceiling guarantees you’ll be able to hang your curtains without any issues. 

Installing Curtain Rods
Someone drilling holes into a wall.

Hanging a curtain rod from the ceiling doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re installing ceiling curtain rods, you’ll need a power drill.

  • Use the power drill to install anchors. Anchors are important for heavier rods, as they will be used to keep the brackets in place. 
  • Next, attach the ceiling curtain rod brackets using screws and a power drill. 
  • Once this is complete, slide the curtain you’ve chosen onto the curtain rod. 
  • When the curtain is on the rod, place the rod on the mounting brackets and tighten the bracket screws to lock the rod in place. 
  • If you’re using a curtain with drapery hooks, simply slide the hooks onto the rod then latch the curtain in place. 
Installing Curtain Hooks
Person installing hooks into the ceiling.

If you plan to use adhesive hooks hung directly from the ceiling to hang your curtains, it is important you install these hooks on a ceiling without any texture. If you have a popcorn ceiling, scrape away the texture before installing the ceiling hooks. 

  • To begin, clean the areas where you plan to stick your hooks, then let dry. 
  • Once dry, remove the adhesive backing the press the hooks onto the ceiling where you’ve made markings. 
  • Place the rods onto the hooks. Survey your work, making sure everything looks the way you want it. 
  • Pick up the rods and place the curtains onto the curtain rods, either sliding them onto the rods or clicking them in place. 
  • Place your rods back onto the hooks and you’ve got ceiling curtains.