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How to Build a Serving Tray

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Cut Your Wood
A saw cutting into a piece of wood.

Cut a project panel to 12 x 18 inches (or whatever dimensions you choose for your tray). 

Cut a 1 x 2 board into 2 pieces at 12 inches long each and 2 pieces at 19 1/2 inches long each. (If you choose mitered corners then these dimensions will apply to the shortest ends with ends beveled, not perpendicular, to 45 degrees, not parallel.)

Person sanding a piece of wood.

Using an orbital sander or a sanding block, sand any rough edges.

Person assembling pieces of wood.

Use wood glue and a brad nailer to attach the frame pieces to the project panel.

Patch Nail Holes
Person patching nail holes in wood.

Use wood filler to patch nail holes and seams.

Sand Again
Person sanding the assembled tray again.

Sand the wood filler smooth and be sure to sand off any glue residue.

Customize with Paint or Stain
Person paints the assembled wood tray.

Add your own design spin by staining or painting it. There are so many possibilities! You could add a design using painter’s tape, vinyl decals or stencils, or just stain it a solid color.

Add Handles
Handles laying on a flat surface.

Drill holes on the sides and attach your handles.

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