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How to Make a Holiday Hanging Planter

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Wrap & Secure Garland
A woman begins attaching garland to a hanging planter.
  • Once you've gathered all of your supplies in one central area, it's time to get to crafting.
  • Wrap the garland around the planter, starting at the top. Secure with 10-gauge wire as you are wrapping. 
Hang Planter
A planter wrapped in garland hangs in the corner of the room.

Next, hang the planter. This will help you to secure the end of the garland toward the bottom of the planter.

Cover Any Gaps
A person fluffs garland by hand.

There may be some gaps where you have placed the garland. Fluff and expand the garland over the planter to cover any open spaces.

Tip: If your garland is pre-lit, attach cords from two pieces of garland and tuck inside the garland to hide. 

Decorate with Berries and Flowers
Holiday berry stems are added to garland.

Now it's time to decorate. While making this all your own, consider choosing different textures and sizes for your decor. This will make it more interesting to look at. 

  • Place holiday berry stems, faux poinsettias and any other chosen decor into the garland. 
  • Start with your largest pieces first, then incorporate the smaller ones. 
  • Use wire cutters to cut poinsettias or berry stems shorter so you can place them into the garland easily.  
  • Secure with either the garland or the wire.
Cut Wire
A woman uses a wire package with included cutting strip to cut wire.
  • Cut several pieces of 5-gauge wire at varying lengths.
  • This project used wire that included a cutting edge; however you can also use wire cutters.
String Ornaments
Ornaments are strung using wire and attached too planter.
  • Using wire, string one end through the ornament. 
  • Twist the wire until it is secure. 
  • Take the opposite end of the wire and secure it to the bottom of the planter to hang the ornament.
Hang All Ornaments
A woman hangs ornaments from a planter.

Attach and hang all ornaments at varying lengths until it reaches your desired look.

A finished hanging planter with garland, poinsettias, ornaments and berry stems.

Consider placing live poinsettia plants or another seasonal flower into the planter to add a bit more seasonal flair. 

Tip: If adding flowers inside the planter, line the planter with paper so you don’t have to put as many flowers inside. 

The beauty of learning how to make a holiday hanging planter is that it's a simple project and one you can update year after year with fresh plants and new ornaments. The Home Depot is your DIY headquarters. Looking for a product to complete your project? We have options to deliver online orders when and where you need them.